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Last updated: June 2017



Humanity at the crossroads


Home energy is an area where ethical consumers can play a hugely important role - cutting their own energy use, helping to promote renewables and affordable energy for all, and supporting the companies and technologies that are aiding the process. 


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It also matters. Electricity supply was responsible for 29% of total greenhouse gas emissions in the UK in 2015 - still the largest amount of any sector, even though it has been falling. Household greenhouse gas emissions, largely from gas used for cooking and heating, were responsible for 13% of emissions, the fourth highest sector.

In this report we look at some of the complex issues in the energy industry. We unpick the misleading claims around green tariffs and biomass boilers

We also look at some of the campaigns pushing for a more sustainable energy sector, from the latest in the fight against fracking to the #Axedrax campaign


Product Guide

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Electricity and Gas

Ethical and environmental ratings for 20 brands and best buy recommendations. Plus changes in the market, political donations and companies behind the brands. 

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Product Guide

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Light Bulbs

Ethical and environmental ratings for 16 brands and best buy recommendations. We investigate LED light bulbs and assess how 'eco' the companies are behind the brands.  

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