Money & Finance

Issue 162

Last updated: June 2016



Ethical Money 



We have rated and ranked banks and investment funds on a number of key issues, such as tax avoidance and fossil fuel investments.

While we have found that, in general, there is a long way to go for before we see any real progressive change in the finance sector, there are a number of institutions that do offer sound ethical alternatives, and switching to these has never been easier.


Your Personal Guide to Carbon Divestment

The guides and information in this section will help you take your money out of the fossil fuel industry.

Most people in Britain do not directly own shares but almost all of us have bank accounts and around half of us have pension funds investing in shares on our behalf.

A significant amount of finance for new fossil fuel extraction comes from the UK finance sector, and campaigners around the world are beginning to measure and compare involvement and to name and shame the worst offenders.

This means that we can now see where the best options are for carbon-free banking and investments. 

Ethical Banking


Which banks are investing in fossil fuels?

Which banks should we be avoiding? What ethical alternatives are there to mainstream banks? Should I stay with The Co-op Bank? 

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Ethical Investments

Ethical Investments

Introduction to Ethical Investments

Choosing fossil-free funds, ethical funds, an independent financial adviser and using direct investments and crowdfunding to fund social and environmental projects. 

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Ethical Pensions

Image: Pensions

Are there any sustainable pension schemes?

With the introduction of the auto enrolment pension scheme, we look to see if there are any fossil free and ethical schemes available.  

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