Animal Testing


Last updated: February 2017



Animal testing & household cleaners


For household products there is no test ban in the European Union. In October 2015, the UK Government banned the testing of ‘finished’ household products on animals and introduced a ‘qualified ban’ on testing the ingredients on animals.

But it’ll make little difference to animal welfare. This is because no animals have been used for testing ‘finished’ household products in the UK since 2010. It’s usually the ingredients not the ‘finished’ products that are tested on animals.


Company animal testing policies


Best ratings: 

  • Greenscents
  • Bio-D
  • Faith in Nature
  • ECOS
  • Ecozone
  • Ecoleaf
  • Lilly's Eco Clean
  • Astonish
  • Method
  • Simply
  • Dri-Pak
  • Ecover


Middle ratings:

  • Bentley Organics
  • Sodasan
  • Attitude
  • Traidcraft
  • Sonett


Worst ratings:

  • Jeyes (Bloo, Jeyes)
  • McBride (Surcare, Frish)
  • Reckitt Benckiser (Dettol, Vanish, Woolite, Cillit Bang, Harpic)
  • Procter & Gamble (Ariel, Bold, Daz, Fairy, Lenor)
  • SC Johnson (Mr Muscle, Pledge, Duck)
  • Unilever (Persil, Surf, Comfort, Cif, Domestos)
  • Henkel (Bref, Vim)




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