Life Insurance

Issue 140

Last updated: May 2013



Life Insurance


FairPensions is a charity at the forefront of campaigns to push for ethical investment by major institutional investors. Recent campaigns it has been involved in include pressing for a living wage and asking questions at AGMs about corporate tax avoidance and financial secrecy.

In April 2012 they released a new report entitled ‘The Stewardship Lottery’ which looked into the ethical investment practices of ten leading life insurance companies in relation to the pensions they also provided. The table below summarises the results.

We have reproduced it, with permission, below because:

  • it can be used by our readers to provide pointers to their own selection of life insurance and pension products.
  • it confirms, to some degree, our own findings on engagement at the three general insurance companies that feature in both reports – Aviva, Zurich and Legal & General.
  • it can help consumers campaign on transparency and disclosure at their current pensions provider.


Stewardship Lottery scorecard

According to the report: “Lack of consumer demand is often cited by industry participants for their failure to consider ESG issues and their lack of transparency.

Consumers therefore can play an important role in improving responsible investment practices and industry transparency by requesting:

  • their pension provider to disclose on their website fund managers’ voting and engagement activity.
  • their IFA to include an insurance company’s responsible investment policies and practices in their analysis and research.”







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