Palm Oil Scores

Palm oil scoring methodology



To help you select the least destructive products we have produced a palm-oil-specific ranking for biscuit, ice cream and butter and spreads companies. The scores for all the companies in these guides are at the bottom of the page.

See how the companies compare within their product sectors:







These scores take into account, amongst other things, the proportion of a company’s palm oil use that is certified, and whether it has committed to going deforestation- and peat-free.

How companies measure up on palm oil is also reflected in their score on the score tables: those that source uncertified palm oil lose half marks in the Human Rights, Climate Change and Habitats & Resources categories.


How we did it


Information was gathered from publicly available information on company websites and their annual reports to the RSPO, as well as responses to a palm oil questionnaire we sent them.

Companies were scored out of 100 possible points, with those that did not use palm oil or derivatives receiving top marks.



The scores


  • up to 40 marks were awarded for the proportion of total palm oil ingredients, including derivatives, that were certified to RSPO, organic or Fairtrade standards
  • up to 20 for the proportion that was from segregated sources
  • 10 for a commitment to source Deforestation- and Peat-Free (DPF) palm oil
  • 10 for whether companies' policies and reports covered their global operations
  • 10 for whether they disclosed suppliers
  • up to 10 for other positive initiatives, such as significant engagement with suppliers to improve conditions in their supply chains
  • Companies could also lose up to 10 marks if their reporting was incomplete or inconsistent.


The scores out of 100 were divided by five to give a final score out of 20.



Evolution of the scoring system


A version of this methodology was originally developed for the Rainforest Foundation's Appetite for Destruction campaign.

We have adapted it to reflect recent campaigns pushing companies to go 'beyond RSPO' and commit to deforestation and peat free palm oil.

The DPF marks replace those we previously awarded for a commitment to reduce the use of palm oil.  This is in acknowledgement of the fact that an outright boycott of palm oil may result in the problem being shifted rather than solved. See our forums for a discussion on this.  Companies that did not use palm oil or derivatives still received a top score.

We have also weighted the scores more heavily in favour of segregated certified supply chains and against the Greenpalm 'book and claim' system and mass balance.  This rewards companies that use, rather than just support, palm oil certified as sustainable.

There are no longer 10 points available under positive initiatives for labelling of palm oil on the list of ingredients, as it is compulsory in the EU since December 2014 to label palm oil in food products. However, this legislation does not cover non-food products or derivatives.



Scores for all the companies


Booja Booja palm oil free
Jollyum palm oil free
Real Nice palm oil free
Roskilly's palm oil free
CO YO palm oil free
Delamere Dairy palm oil free
Snowconut palm oil free
Thaymar palm oil free
Zen Zen palm oil free
It's only natural palm oil free
Okobay palm oil free
Traidcraft 20
Alder Tree 16
Walker's Shortbread 16
Against the Grain 16
Island Bakery 16
Biona 16
Doves Farm 16
Duchy Originals, Waitrose 15
Burton's Biscuits 14
Cream O'Galloway 14
Co-op 14
Hill Biscuits 14
M&S 14
Unilever (Swedish Glace, Flora, Ben & Jerry's, Walls) 14
Mondelez (Green & Black's, Oreo) 13
Mars 12
Peffermill (Nairns) 12
Sainsbury's 12
Two Sisters/Fox's biscuits 12
Cadbury 11
Bahlsen 11
McVities 11
Nestle 11
Rowntree Fruit Pastille 11
Suma 11
Arla Foods (Anchor, Lurpak) 10
Toffuti 10
Mrs Crimbles 10
Oatly 10
Yeo Valley 10
Kelly's of Cornwall 9
Morrisons 9
Dairy Crest (Country Life butter, Clover) 8
Lidl 8
Ornua (KerryGold) 8
Raisio (Benecol) 8
Tesco 8
Kerry Group (Pure Dairy Free spread) 6
Aldi 5
R Whites, Fruit Shoot 5
BSA/Nestle (Rachel's Organic) 5
Mackies 2
United Dairy Farmers (Bally Bleat, Mullins) 0
Fayrefield Group (Food Heaven) 0
Hain Celestial (Almond Dream) 0
Loseley, Yorkshire Dales, Thayers, Beechdean 0
Kavli Trust (St Helen's Farm) 0
BSA (President butter) -2
Speciality Foods (Tomor) -2

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