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How green are your electronic gadgets?

Guides to mobile phones, laptops, tablets, hybrids and e-readers.

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Photo: Divest

New Campaign

Your Guide to Personal Carbon Divestment

Our new campaign focuses on switching your current accounts, savings accounts, cash ISAs and investment funds away from companies funding fossil fuel projects.    

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Which one do you choose?

Every day, each one of us votes with our wallet (or purse) about which products to buy.

We vote according to price, quality, convenience, and also our personal beliefs. So how can we compare the hidden ethics behind products, and find out which to support or to avoid?

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Photo: Autumn Walk

Guide to Outdoor Gear

Autumn rambles

Keep warm and dry on your Autumn walking trips with our ethical guides to Waterproof Jackets, Walking Boots, Fleece Jackets and Rucksacks.  

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Josie Wexler looks at where now for the boycott

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War on Want report exposes UNIQLO's abuse of Chinese garment workers 

Ethical Consumption in Japan


Rob Harrison attended an animal welfare conference in Toyko