Fiat Chrysler given record fine

27 July 2015
Company must pay 67.6m over recall failures

Food Sovereignty in the UK?

Callout for the UK Food Sovereignty gathering

Audio: July Taxcast

News and views from the Tax Justice Network

Ethical spectacles

Guest blog from optometrist Simon Berry

Living with the land

Short film about forest gardening

Quit coal

How banks can support a strong climate deal in Paris

BP agree to pay $18.7bn fine

Record environmental fine for fatal 2010 Gulf of Mexico oil...

Ethical labelling: making good choices clearer

Consumer demand for labelling grows

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Plug in to the future of green transport

Our latest guides rank Cars, including electric ones. Plus Bus and Train companies. How to buy a greener car, which transport is the most sustainable and an electrifying vision of the future of green transport.

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Issue 155 July/August 2015

Transport special - petrol, diesel, hybrid and electric cars. Plus bus & train companies. Includes Best Buys advice, the latest boycotts, and ethical & campaign news.

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Your personal ethical shopping guide

challenging corporate power since 1989

The state of the UK Ethical Market


Ethical Consumer Markets Report 2014

The latest of our annual reports into ethical spending reveals that the market is now worth £32 billion, growing by 9% in 2013.

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Consumer Campaigns

Move Your Movey offer

Fair Tax Mark - Rewarding businesses that pay a fair amount of tax

The Fair Tax Mark brings responsible businesses and ethical consumers together. So far, ten companies have been awarded the Mark. Individuals can now sign the Fair Tax Pledge.

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Ethical Shopping

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Find out more about the ethical kitemark

You can only find Ethical Consumer's Best Buy label on the most ethical products. See which companies have it and where you can find their products.

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Procter and Gamble - company profile

adidas corporate profile


From Duracell batteries to Head and Shoulders shampoo, Procter and Gamble sells products through over 50 different brand names in 180 countries.

Do its ethics match its reach?

Average product rating 0.5 / 20.

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