Starbucks lose discrimination case

10 February 2016
Starbucks fail to make reasonable adjustments for dyslexic employee

Amazon review of the year

The last year has been an important one in the...

Business Against TTIP

Small businesses at risk of mass bankruptcy

The results are in...

Topics picked for our next food themed magazine issue

Tax dodgers

Ask your council to get tough with tax dodgers

Audio: TaxCast January 2016

News and views from the Tax Justice Network

Review of 'The Town That Took on the Taxman'

Guest blog from the Fair Tax Mark highlights the need...

Our next food-themed issue - have your say

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Who pays the Living Wage where you live?

Guest blog from Emily Kenway of the Living Wage Foundation

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palm oil special report

Watching the Future: TVs

Simple or detailed scorecard ratings and Best Buy recommendations for Camera companies, TVs, Video on Demand services and subscription TV packages. 

Find out how consumers can promote ethics in the electronics, broadcasting and optical industries. 

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Ethical Consumer Markets Report 2015

Despite continuing economic hardship, UK consumers are committed to buying ethically, at a growing rate across more sectors.

The value of ethical sales grew by 8%, during a period when inflation barely rose above 0.5%. And the overall value of the ethical market grew from £35bn to £38bn.

Ethical Consumer Markets Report 2015


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challenging corporate power since 1989

Feature: Sky TV

We look inside Murdoch's Media Empire

Sky TV is funding the world's most powerful conservative lobby group. We uncover its pernicious influence across a wide range of contemporary political debates. 

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