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We hope that you have signed up for the Save Our Bank campaign and that together we can keep the Co-op Bank ethical and return it to mutual ownership.


As well as campaigning around banking we have a host of information on the ethics of thousands of other companies


Our guides are packed full of information and analysis to help you make the right choices everyday.

From T-shirts to Toasters, use our product guides to check what to purchase and what to avoid.

We also campaign on a number of other issues.  On our site you can see where to buy badger friendly milk and how to avoid arch tax avoider and internet giant Amazon.


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More on banking

Read our special report on banking from 2012 (to be updated in January 2014)

This includes guides to current and savings accounts and a host of interesting features on the banking crisis.



Special subscription offer

Special Subscription Offer

Move Your Movey offer

14 months for the price of 12 with a 4 week Trial

We're very pleased to give a special subscription offer to all those who are campaigning to save the Co-op Bank.

You'll get a 14 month subscription with full access to the best tools and data anywhere for just 48p per week. To qualify simply type "Save Our Bank Offer" into the where did you hear about us field on the subscription pages.

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Ethical Consumer is more than just a magazine. We are the only place where you can find transparent and reliable ethical rankings of companies and products. On our site there are detailed ethical ratings of 1000's of brands which help consumers make the right choices, help campaigners challenge corporate power and help businesses do the right thing.



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For over 20 years Ethical Consumer has been the lead research organisation within the consumer movement. We research the issues that matter to you so that you can easily find the products that reflect your principles.



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Ethical Consumer's information and analysis helps you choose the most ethical products and services whenever you need them and wherever you are. From bread to banks, use our product guides to check what to purchase and what to avoid.



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