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Issue 160 (May/June 2016)


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Veg Box Schemes

What are they and how to find them. Plus Abel & Cole vs Riverford.


Supermarkets & farm animal welfare

How the major supermarkets compare, focussing on boxes of eggs and chickens. Which supermarkets stock the highest welfare animal products.


The carbon footprint of a supermarket

From the farm to the checkout. Case study of northern supermarket Booths.




  • the state of the organic market
  • new palm oil guide
  • sugar tax and tampon tax
  • HSBC quit coal campaign
  • latest from our Amazon boycott
  • recycled waterproofs
  • ethical & green funds
  • true cost of Lidl jeans
  • Aldi bans neonics
  • Co-op Bank news
  • boycotts
  • People over Capital book
  • Readers' Letters
  • Cartoons...


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Banking and carbon divestment. Guides to Current Accounts, Savings Accounts, Fossil-free funds, Cash ISAs, Mortgages.

Due out mid June.

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