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Who else uses Ethical Consumer?

Ethical Consumer is used by thousands of conscientious consumers making purchasing decisions, ethical businesses who want to check their supply chain, and is the trusted source of information for many organisations:






What's unique about Ethical Consumer?

We are a completely independent not-for-profit co-operative and since 1989 have been the leading research organisation in the consumer movement. 

Our mission is to help consumers make informed ethical choices, support campaigners challenging corporate power, enable progressive businesses and charities to check their supply chains, and drive corporates to improve their behaviour. 

We provide transparent and reliable ethical rankings for thousands of companies and products, all fed from our main database which has been built up over 20 years.

We rank companies and products according to 300 topics in 19 areas under 5 main categories. As a subscriber you can choose to personalise the scorecard ratings you see according to these different areas, depending on what is of most relevance to you.

Your settings are saved in your profile so they apply to whatever you look at. You can temporarily or permanently amend them  using the sliders on product or company guide pages.



How good is our data?

In 2011, as part of a potential joint venture with BBC Worldwide, our data was thoroughly stress-tested and passed by the research team from Panorama. 

Some other shopping guides claim to provide similar ratings to ours, but these lack our depth, academic rigour, independence and transparency, and barely scratch the surface of what's really going on.

The few that do carry similar data to Ethical Consumer are designed primarily for investment funds and cost £000's per year to access.


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Yes, we offer a couple of options.

If you wish to make the website available to all the users on a school or educational network, we can do so with access restricted by IP address rather than password. This will allow up to 200 simultaneous logins. The cost is currently £85 +VAT (£99.88 in total).

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Can I get the information you cover elsewhere?

Much of it yes, if you want to spend many hours doing your own research and keeping it up to date. We collect information from NGOs and campaign groups, government data, specialist periodicals, company Annual Reports and similar sources. You would also miss out on the analysis and context ECRA brings, the conveniently stored ratings and other tools.

There are also organisations that claim to provide similar ratings to ours for free, but these lack our depth, academic rigour, independence and transparency, and barely scratch the surface of what's really going on. The few that do carry simailar data to Ethical Consumer are designed primarily for investment funds and cost £000's per year to access.


Will I use my subscription?

Our stats and feedback show that over 90% of web subscribers visit the site at least once a month, and the large majority of our subscribers regularly use Ethical Consumer to help them make purchasing decisions.

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"A real inspiration and a helpful guide to an increasingly complex world!"
Mrs Barker, Exeter
"A great source of information for concerned citizens and campaigners alike."
Ian, London
"Essential reading for everyone that believes in democracy and citizen power as a way to create a truly sustainable society."
Charles Secrett, former Executive Director, Friends of the Earth
"Relevant, Radical Reading"
Andrew, Nottingham
"A mind-boggling thorougness and integrity that makes everyone else look like a Charlatan."
Lucy Seigle, the Observer
"Shines a light to show the way through a minefield of conumer choices!"
"Ethical Consumer is a drawing pin strategically placed on the throne of corporate rule.”
Ed Mayo, National Consumer Council
"A mine of useful information for any concerned consumer."
Kath Manners, Edinburgh
"I trust ECRA, which saves me a lot of time."
Christopher, Brighton
“Fills an exceptionally important role, reminding us all of the links between our own personal consumption and lifestyle and the huge environmental and social issues we are seeking to address.”
Jonathan Porritt, Forum for the Future
"For a green geek like me, ECRA saves me untold time checking what I'm buying. Why didn't I know about you before?"
Peter Wooding, Consett
"The most useful tool in the box."
Rachel Bowen, Bristol
Promoted ethical behaviour in consumerism before it finally became fashionable."
Norma Grindle, County Londonderry
"The gold standard of consumer information for the ethical shopper."
Emma Llewellyn, Bangor
"The definitive reference to corporate responsibility."
Ian Buckland, London
"If you didn't exist, we'd have to invent you."
Ellie Lomax, Dundee
"You make it simple(r) to be ethical!"
James Sadler, Wrexham