Ethical Consumer Research Association (ECRA), a not-for-profit research co-operative, has provided bespoke research to NGOs and ethical businesses for more than 25 years.

Over this time the world has changed dramatically. Ethics are now firmly on the agenda. With a wealth of expertise in the ethical sector, ECRA can help position your organisation at the forefront of the movement towards a sustainable future.

We have a proven track record of delivering to the NGO, charity and ethical business sectors. Our research has equipped clients as diverse as Amnesty International and the Co-operative Bank with the information they need to incorporate ethics into important financial and strategic decisions.

Our wide range of services may be key to improving your organisation's ethics and making a positive contribution to the wider world.


We offer cost effective, flexible research solutions including:


Company screenings

to ensure that partners, suppliers, sponsors or potential investments will not pose a reputational risk, or clash with your own ethics, values and mission.


Ethical Policy development

to help create social responsibility, ethical procurement, and sponsorship policies

See our free must-read guide to creating your own Ethical Sponsorship policy.


Bespoke Research and Consultancy

from CSR analysis, to market data - we seek to meet the research needs of like minded organisations. In the past this has included:

  • Ethical market data

for those entering a new market, be that geographical or product based

  • Campaign research

for those looking to fund campaigns or for campaigners to better understand the issues.


Corporate Critic

Access our unique database of the ethical and environmental records of over 25,000 companies worldwide from only £25 per day. Use a host of unique tools including customised scoring, in-depth searches, a company tracker and more..



Former and current clients include: