Palm Oil Free Christmas


Last updated: November 2016


Palm Oil Guide to Christmas Food


This Christmas, you can buy your Christmas food shopping, mince pies, boxes of chocolate and biscuits from companies that only use sustainable palm oil. Or you could choose to boycott palm oil and buy palm oil free mince pies and biscuits.

We've put together a list of companies which receive our best rating for palm oil either for being a palm oil free company or for only using certified sustainable or organic palm oil. We list the products from these best-rated companies that are palm oil free.

(NB: Those brands rated best for palm oil are not necessarily rated best for overall corporate responsibility.)


Mince pies | Boxes of chocolatesBiscuits | Supermarkets


Mince Pies


Palm oil free mince pies: Very difficult to find!


  • Waitrose Duchy Organic


Because they are so hard to find, you could make your own mince pies using palm oil free mincemeat. Palm oil is usually used in the vegetable suet. Infinity Foods and Meridian both sell jars of organic, vegan, suet-free mincemeat. Or you could make your own mincemeat without suet.


Mince pies made with sustainable palm oil or organic palm oil:

  • Walkers
  • Riverford Organic
  • Abel & Cole
  • Waitrose
  • M&S
  • Authentic Bread Company organic (from Abel & Cole and Suma)






Boxes of chocolates and gift chocolates


Best Buy Palm oil-free boxes of chocolates:


Other Palm oil-free boxes of chocolates:

  • Vivani (organic): all gift chocolate (mini bars gift tins)
  • Co-op: 24 Assorted Chocolate Truffles, Chocolate Coins, Truly Irresistible Milk Chocolate Truffles gift cube, Truly Irresistible Mint Selection, Loved By Us Belgian Chocolate Pralines,  Loved By Us Irish Cream Liqueurs
  • M&S: Sequin Star/Tree with Truffles, Sparkling Wine Truffles, Dulce de Leche Truffles, Marc de Champagne Truffles, Mixologist's Box, Chocolate filled Christmas Crackers, Gastronomic Collection, Sparkling Caramels, Marzipan Collection, Italian Gianduiotto
  • Waitrose: Dark Chocolate Mint Creams, Dark Chocolate Mint Thins, Chocolate Mint Collection, Chocolate Ginger, Waitrose 1 Marc de Champagne dark truffles, Waitrose 1 Milk Chocolate Truffles, Waitrose 1 Ultimate Champagne Truffles
  • Sainsbury's: After Dinner Mint Thins, Dark Chocolate Orange Thins, Taste the Difference Belgian Chocolate Cranberry and Pistachio Wreath, Belgian Chocolate Seashells, Taste the Difference Belgian Marzipan Assortment, Crunchy Mint Sticks, Crunchy Orange Sticks, Milk Chocolate Brazils, Milk Chocolate Honeycomb, Taste the Difference Swiss Hazelnut Praline Truffles, Taste the Difference Swiss Milk Choc Baubles, Taste the Difference Swiss Milk Choc Tree Decorations
  • Nestle: After Eight mints
  • Mondelez: Terry's Chocolate Orange Plain, Toblerone (all varieties)
  • Guylian: Seashells, Dark Chocolate Sea Horses, Pearles d'Ocean tin
  • Lindt: HELLO Milk chocolate heart tin


Read our ethical shopping guide to Boxes of chocolates for companies' overall rating for corporate responsbility.






Best supermarkets for your Christmas food shopping


Best rating for palm oil:

  • Waitrose 
  • Co-op
  • M&S
  • Sainsbury's


Avoid the following as they have received a worst rating:

  • ASDA
  • Morrisons
  • Tesco
  • Aldi
  • Lidl
  • Iceland
  • Ocado
  • Booths


See supermarkets guide for companies' overall rating.








Palm oil free biscuits:

Most likely those biscuits that are 'all butter' or the more expensive 'cookies'.

  • Island Bakery (all organic): all biscuits - buy now >
  • Waitrose Duchy Organic:  all biscuits
  • Co-op: All Butter Shortbread Fingers, Jaffa Cakes, Truly Irresistible Cookies
  • Bahlsen: Choco Leibniz Dark, Milk, Chocolate Orange; Butter Biscuits; 
  • Walkers: Shortbread, All Butter Sultana Biscuits, Chocolate Chip; 
  • Waitrose: All Butter Cookies (except salted caramel), Milk Chocolate & Chocolate Chip Cookies, Scottish Shortbread, Belgian dark chocolate thins, Viennese swirls & fingers, Seriously shortbread, Seriously chocolate and ginger biscuits, Seriously triple chocolate, Continental milk chocolate butter biscuits, Continental dark chocolate butter biscuits
  • McVitie's: Rich Tea, Digestives Light; 
  • Sainsbury's: Shortbread (except Basics), Taste the Difference Cookies (Granola Slices, Chunky Belgian Chocolate Shortbread), Flapjack Cookies, Jaffa Cakes, Almond Cantuccini
  • M&S: Shortbread Rounds & Fingers, All Butter Dunkers, All Butter Cookies, All Butter Biscuits, All Butter Battenberg Squares, Viennese Swirls, Viennese Chocolate Dipped Fingers, Roly Poly Swirls, Mini Oat, Belgian Chocolate Chunk Cookies


Read our ethical shopping guide to Biscuits for companies' overall rating for corporate responsbility.




Palm Oil Free List

Our unique guide to products without palm oil

Palm oil is in so many consumer goods (food and cosmetics) its hard to find products without it. Use our list to help ensure that you avoid an ingredient that has caused many environmental and social problems through irresponsible cultivation practices.

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