An Ethical Christmas


Looking for some ethical Christmas gift ideas? Then look no further.

We round up some of the most ethical present ideas covered in our product guides.







The social and environmental reporting in this sector is appalling. Little is know about any aspect of an e:readers life cycle from the treatment of workers to energy consumption. So don't buy an e-reader buy a book from one of our Best Buy book companies: Oxfam and Better World Books. All were Best Buys in our guide to bookshops.



Mobile phones

Lots of people will be asking for mobile phones this year. In our recent report we gave the Best Buy to Fairphone.
You can now buy a Fairphone through Co-operative Mobile. Better still if you quote Ethical Consumer you can receive a £20 off your first bill and  6% of your monthly spend will go back to supporting our work.



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High street

Marks & Spencer topped our guide to high street clothes retailers earlier this year. The company now has a top rated supply chain and sells Fairtrade clothing.



Alternative clothing companies

There are many great ethical clothes companies to choose from. People Tree is the stand-out Best Buy for Alternative Clothing as it’s the only brand that offers garments which are both Fairtrade and organic certified. It sells mens and womens clothing.



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Toiletries and cosmetics

There are a host of good ethical options for toiletries. Most produce great gift selections and packs for Christmas

Our best buy recommendations include: 

Essential Care, Yaoh, Bulldog, Green People, Faith in Nature, Honesty,  Pure Nuff Stuff, Bentley Organics, Neal’s Yard, Urtekram, Caurnie, Lush and Weleda.


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Toys and Games Shops


In our recent guide to toy retailers Orchard Toys was a clear winner at the top of our ranking table and a Best Buy. 

Other Best Buy toy retailers include Babi Pur and Traidcraft.



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Online Retailers 


In our guide to Online Ethical Retailers we rated the companies that our readers buy from online to find out who is the cream of the ethical crop. 

Global Seesaw, New Internationalist shop, Animal Aid shop, Nigel's Eco Store, Oxfam came out on top of the table and were all Best Buys.



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Your Christmas tipple



Highland Harvest organic whisky is the Best Buy. The organic Benromach and Bruichladdich brands also score well.





Brard Blanchard and Guy Pinard cognac are both organic and Best Buys.
The organic Roland Seguin  also scores well.



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Alternatives to Amazon

Check out our Amazon alternatives page for all our guides to shopping without using Amazon. Includes guides to bookshops, e-readers, PC and video game retailers, DVD retailers, sites for streaming music, film and TV, and online retrailers.

Amazon-free books and e-readers

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How to buy books without shopping at Amazon

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The report includes product guides to bookshops, online booksellers, e-books and e-readers.

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Toy Shops

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Where to buy toys without shopping on Amazon

As part of our Boycott Amazon campaign, we look at how we can challenge the retail Goliath when buying toys.

The guide includes 26 high street and online retailers.

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