Ethical Holiday Preparations

Last updated: July  2016 



Ethical Holiday Preparations



Ethical shopping advice to help you get ready for the summer holidays.



Holiday clothing

Whether you need a new pair of trunks or some trainer socks, few of us can get away with going away on holiday without buying at least one new item of clothing, usually to replace the moth-eaten gear that hasn't seen the light of day for 12 months. 


Check out our guides to high street clothing and alternative clothes stores for the best places to buy your summer holiday wear.


Find out more about our two high street Best Buys, M&S and H&M.



Holiday read

We all like a good book (or eBook) to take with us on holiday.



It seems increasingly hard to avoid Amazon these days, who are currently under a boycott call from Ethical Consumer for their tax avoidance, but don't worry it is easier than you might think..

Check out our guides to e:readers and bookshops to find the best alternatives to Amazon and the Amazon Kindle.






Unless your coming to join us in Manchester for your holidays, you're probably going to need some sun screen.

image credit: Green People 


Yaoh organic hemp sun cream tops our unique rankings table with its toxic free and vegan brand.



Digital Cameras

We all love to snap away when we're on our holidays. 

Image Credit: Summer photograph designed by Solominphoto -


While there are no truly ethical camera brands available some manufactures are more ethical than others.

In our guide to digital cameras we recommend Sony’s more environmentally friendly models whch are free of Polyvinyl chloride (PVC), brominated flame retardants (BFRs).

We also recommned avoiding Nikon who are the subject of a boycott call by Viva! for selling telescopic sights for hunting rifles and promoting hunting, particularly big game in Africa.

You can read more about optics companies and the hunting industry in our influential special report.





With all that gear you'll need a decent bag to pack it in.


image credit: Patagonia


Look no further than Patagonias' 100% recycled backpack as featured in our guide to rucksacks.



Bon voyage!



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