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Last updated: December 2016



Spotlight on Best Buy Label companies: Green ISP

Founder Paul Palmer tells us why Green ISP is a best buy label company



Tell us a bit about your business:

Back in 2003 I was struck by an article detailing how the IT industry emits almost as much Co2 as the Airline Industry. In response, I initially set up an information and awareness portal site for the IT Industry.


Image: Founder of Green ISP

However, many visitors asked if we could supply Web Hosting and Internet access. So we set up a co2 offset and utilised a Solar data centre. We now offer a varied combination of Internet and Hosted solution, based on individual customer needs, including Solar, Hydro and Geothermal powered.


How do you differ from other ISPs?

We were one of the first environmental, ethical and not for profit ISP’s and Hosting companies in the world as far as we are aware. We continue to place the customer and environment at the forefront of our business model.


Image: Green ISP

We plant a tree for every customer that signs up for one of our services and have planted hundreds of trees over the years as an ongoing commitment


If you had to sum up the ethos of Green ISP in two sentences, what would it be?


Ethical and Environmentally Guided Internet Services. People and planet orientated in a sustainable manner.


Have you witnessed a growing interest in greener and more ethical web hosting?


Yes, since we started in 2003 we have seen a massive growth in other Hosting companies adopting the same approach and other new and similar companies starting up, hardly any though on a “not for profit” or “Ethical or Co-operative” basis, just to Offset CO2.



Where to you hope to see your company in 5 years time?

We hope to continue to offer our customers the most ethical and up to date ISP and Hosted services as we have for the last 13 years, steady sustainable growth and a possible second office in Europe.

See the Green ISP website for more information. 


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