Mother's Day Gifts


Last updated: March 2018


Top 5 Ethical Gift Ideas for Mother's Day


Looking for a special present this Mother's Day? There are plenty of shops cashing-in with sentimental, overpriced gifts. 

Instead, we want to promote retailers who strive to make thoughtful products. Here are some ideas for your mum that won't break the bank or your ethics. 


1. Books 

Give the gift of knowledge this Mother's Day. But don't succumb to the ease of buying a book from Amazon.  As part of our Boycott Amazon campaign, we list a number of alternative ethical book retailers. 


Where to buy?

We recommend buying from Oxfam (ethiscore rating 14) and Better World Books (ethiscore rating 12) where you can buy both new and second-hand books. Both companies follow a not-for-profit business structure and proceeds go to help funding social and community projects world-wide.

Alternatively, the New Internationalist's online Ethical Shop has a range of global current affairs and world fiction books.* You can support the high street by buying books from which donates a small amount of money to your nearest independent bookshop.*

See our shopping guide to booksellers >

image of books




2. Ethical Clothing


If clothing seems the perfect fit, opt for a company that respects its workers and the planet. Our alternative clothing guide highlights retailers who put sustainable style at the forefront of their business model. 


Where to buy?


People Tree are a best buy for their committment to ensuring 100% of its products are Fairtrade. They were the first clothing company to receive the World Fair Trade Organisation product mark in 2013. Buy directly from the People Tree website.* Ethiscore Rating: 16.5

Know the Origin is a relatively new brand which has jumped to the top of our ratings table with an ethiscore of 17. It scores highly because it offers 100% organic cotton clothing and it provides detailed information about each stage of its supply chain, from seed to garment. 


See our shopping guide to alternative clothing >

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3. Cosmetics


Why not splash out on some perfume? Alternatively, choose an ethical beauty retailer for organic skincare or palm-oil free make-up.


Where to buy?

Neal's Yard (ethiscore 15) sells a range of different beauty products. Products are organic, vegetarian and cruelty free. Buy directly from Neal's Yard here.*


Image: Neal's Yard

See our range of shopping guides to beauty products >




4. Beer or Wine


Bring a bottle with you this Mother's Day. We have a great selection of small-scale ethical, vegan and organic beer and wine producers in our guides. 

For a fine Fairtrade wine pick Stellar Winery (17.5) or Emiliana (16.5) which are standout best buy brands. If beer is more your mum's thing we recommend your small local brewery or see Planet Organic's* website for vegan and vegetarian options. 


Image: Wine


See our beer or wine ethical shopping guides for more options. 




5. Gift Subscription to Ethical Consumer


Share your ethics this Mother's Day. Inspire your mother with a year's subscription to Ethical Consumer magazine. Each gift subscription includes sponsorship of an organic olive sapling in Palestine. 

Buy your gift subscription here. 

image of gift subscription




* Ethical Consumer makes a small amount of money from your purchase. This goes to fund our research and campaigning. We ethically screen all the sites we link to.


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