Our research on animal rights is divided into three main areas:

Animal Testing

In the 1980s, animal experimentation became a 'hot topic' as cosmetics companies testing their products on animals suddenly became a big 'no no'. Even nowadays, the testing of products and ingredients on animals continues, despite the fact that it's outlawed (for cosmetics and cosmetic ingredients) in this country.

Companies that test products on animals, or have an inadequate policy on animal testing, are criticised here. Other products that also get tested on animals are household products and pet food. We also include animal testing for medical products in this area.


Banking, investment or other financial services relationship with a company criticised in this category

Company supplies equipment for use in animal experiments

Company supplies animals for experimental purposes

Positive policy on animal testing

Company did not respond to a written request for an animal testing policy and operates in a sector where this is prevalent

Company's ATP contains vague promises or company claims that it needs to test by law

Company has a five year rolling rule, or a moratoriumon animal testing without a fixed cut off date

The company does not appear to have an ATP on its website and operates in a sector where animal tests are prevalent

The company has a fixed cut off date for products and ingredients

Company conducts or commissions tests on animals for medical products

Company conducts or commissions tests on animals for non-medical products

Retailer with FCD for all own brand products but sells other AT brands company has been involved in cloning animals

Company is reducing its tests on animals

Company retails animal-tested cosmetics, toiletries or household products

Company retails medical products and medicines that have been tested on animals

The company's product uses ingredients that have been tested on animals

Transportation of animals for animal testing

Factory Farming

Much of modern farming is industrialised and intensive and can often be termed 'factory farming' because of the philosophy of mass production. With this type of farming, many animals are crammed together in the smallest possible space and their health and wellbeing suffers as a result.

Animal rights campaigners argue that if we have to farm animals, then we should be treating with them with compassion and respect and that these values are incompatible with factory farming methods. Companies which sell factory farmed meat, or products with battery eggs, will be criticised in this category.

Soil Association certified organic farming in general is much better for animals and so companies with organic certified meat and dairy products are not criticised in this area.


Banking, investment or other financial services relationship with a company criticised in this category

Company manufactures or supplies intensive farming equipment

Company factory farms fish

Company factory farms fur

Company factory farms meat

Company factory farms poultry (broilers or eggs)

Company supplies breeding stock

Company sells fur that is not labelled as free range

Company sells or processes meat or poultry (broilers/eggs) not labelled as organic or free range

Positive policy addressing a factory farming issue

Company involved in genetic modification for factory farming

Animal Rights

Companies that have been accused or prosecuted for cruelty to animals are criticised here. Also found here are activities that might lead to animal suffering - such as zoos and circuses, using animals to advertise products or livestock farming.

It also includes the use of slaughterhouse by-products - such as leather or gelatine.


Banking, investment or other financial services relationship with a company criticised in this category

Company is supporting animal abuse through advertising

Companies for which dairy products are a core part of business

Company or employee has been accused of cruelty to animals

Company involved in the production, supply or retail of fur products

Company or employee has received a conviction for cruelty to animals

Company is a dairy farmer

company self-disclosure of an incident in this category

Company is a farmer of non-intensive or free range meat

Company sells or processes factory farmed meat, poultry or fish

Company is a free range egg producer

Company sells or processes free range meat, poultry or fish

Company is a slaughterhouse owner

Company sells products containing slaughterhouse byproducts (including leather)

Company is crticised for involvement in transport of animals eg live exports

Company supplies animal feedstuffs

Company is involved in circuses

Company uses musk, civet or ambergris

Company is involved in support for bloodsports

Company uses/produces silk

Company is involved in the sale of exotic pets

company is involved in the whaling industry

Company is involved in zoos

Positive policy addressing an other animal rights issue


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