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Last updated: December 2016



The Real Cost of Your Smartphone



Mobile phones have revolutionised modern life and now most of us can't seem to do without them, and why should we? However it is important to recognise their negative impacts and where possible try to reduce them. 

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5 things to consider before you buy a new mobile phone 


1. Upgrades

We all like an upgrade but we know its not great for the environment. Make sure you sell on (or give away your old handset) don't just throw it in the bin. If its still working well try giving it to family or friends first so you know it'll definitely be used. If they don't want it try an online recycling merchant they will often pay for your old handset even if its not working and then sell it on or recycle it.


2. New phone - Fairphone

If you do buy a new handset get a Fairphone. Produced by a pioneering ethical business of the same name the Fairphone uses conflict free minerals and works with manufacturers to ensure employee wellbeing. 


3. Smart phones

Try and get a smart phone with as many good extra functions as possible. For instance if you buy one with a decent camera built in this means you don't need to spend more money and waste more resources on a separate digital camera. They can also come with a host of other features including MP3 players, e-book readers, calculators and dicta-phones.


4. Use your handset to campaign

All over the world activists are putting technology to the use and organising actions using social media (Twitter and Facbook etc) and text messaging through their phones. Why not use your phone to help organise with some local campaign groups? 

Plus our rankings tables are all mobile phone friendly so you can use them while your out shopping and campaign at the checkout.


5. Networks

Network providers are all very similar in terms of their ethical rating. Have a look at our rankings table to see which on best fits with your ethics by using the sliders next to the table to change the scores depending on what you think is most important.




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