Top 5 High St Shops

 Being an ethical consumer can be simple. It doesn't take much effort just a little bit of knowledge. Most high street shops stock brands that are more ethical and at ethical consumer we can tell you which ones are better.

Here are our top five high street shops:


You can smell Lush shops from a mile away and their ethics are as sweet smelling as their products. This company refuses to test on animals and supports various campaign organisations such as the Hunt Saboteurs Association and Plane Stupid, which campaigns against the expansion of the airline industry. It tries to use only natural ingredients and most things are made in the UK so you know workers are unlikely to suffer. In our shampoo and soap free Buyers' Guides.



The co-op group

The co-op sell everything from food to funerals and the group continues to grow at pace. They now have food stores and banks in most town centres and in both these sectors the group is a leader in ethics. They recently released a new "ethics in action" plan which sets out their commitment to a tackling a number of issues including climate change and global poverty. They are Best Buy in our Buyers' Guides to current accounts, savings accounts and in our supermarket report.


M and S

Marks and Spencers is a cornerstone of the British high street. Recently it has started to lead the way in terms of ethics and has been applauded from all sides for its Plan A commitments to the environment. In our recent Supermarkets Buyers' Guide it came second on both our Ethiscore table and our sector specific supermarket ranking table. It also came second in our supply chain ranking and Ethicscore in our  clothes shop Buyers' Guide, while it also faired well in the baby clothes Buyers Guide selling both fairtrade and organic cotton garments.



There is more to this store than its quirky, vintage style. It has an excellent ethical policy and came top of Ethical Consumers clothes shop Buyers' Guide and supply chain rankings. It recently came under fire for disclosing problems in its supply chain but as Ethical Consumer commented at the time “the issue is not whether or not such problems exist, but how they are remedied and prevented in future.” It is certainly still one of the better high street stores.


John Lewis

It might not score that highly on our ethiscore tables but the John Lewis' Partnership company structure make it one of the most progressive shops on the high street. The Partnership is an employee-owned business with the workers sharing in company profits and having a say in how the business is run.
John Lewis is featured in a number of Buyers' Guides including: coffee makers, food mixers, blenders and processors, toasters, kettles, irons, flowers and flower delivery and bread machines