Content Usage

Content Usage

No part of the Website may be used or republished in any form without prior written permission. 

If you wish to use our content please contact Rob Harrison.


Blog Posts

All blog content from 2008 and later is freely available to republish provided you notify us (at General Enquiries) and provide a full credit in the form of:

"First published on Copyright Ethical Consumer Research Association Ltd."



News & Feature Content

This covers all content that is neither a Blog post nor a Product Guide.

For more information contact Rob Harrison. 



Product Guides & Reports

For more information contact Rob Harrison. 



Other Proposals

We are generally approached by a couple of websites each month with proposals for collaboration.  We cannot normally respond to each of these queries individually. 


(a) we can meet with people willing to travel to our Manchester office for a prior arranged appointment

(b) we can deal with very specific requests for collaboration provided they are accompanied by  clear, costed financial incentives and full background data on the project's origins.

For more information contact Rob Harrison. 



Reproducing Content in Other Languages

We have different rules and costs where reproduction is to be in a language other than English.  Please ask us for this if this is what you want.

For more information contact Rob Harrison.

This document does not constitute permission for reproduction under any circumstances.