Corporate Critic

Corporate Critic is the must have tool for anyone researching corporate ethics.

The website gives you online access to 20 years worth of information from Ethical Consumer's unique database.

Check out the real CSR records of over 25,000 companies, from multinationals to small independents.

The records of suppliers, sponsors, contractors and competitors are constantly updated by our team of highly qualified researchers.

We track company practice as well as company policy, through monitoring news and business media, as well as campaign group sources from around the world.

Unlike most business databases we rely on the accuracy of our data for regular publication in a critical context - Ethical Consumer magazine.

Key features:

  •     view corporate structure and ownership data
  •     drill down to individual stories with referenced sources
  •     search stories by key word
  •     benchmark companies using the unique ethical company rating
  •     customise ratings to your key concerns
  •     create portfolios of companies
  •     receive automatic updates

We also offer bespoke solutions for cross-organisation access

Single-day access is under £25

Monthly and annual subscriptions available.