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Ethical Consumer

Join thousands of others and become an ethical consumer today.

Join thousands of others and become an ethical consumer today.

Learn how to use your spending power to help change the world for the better.

Why be an ethical consumer? How to be an ethical consumer

We are an independent, not-for-profit, multi-stakeholder co-operative with open membership.

At the heart of the ethical consumer movement, since 1989.

We are an independent, not-for-profit, multi-stakeholder co-operative with open membership, based in Manchester.

We provide all the tools and resources you need to make choices at the checkout simple, informed and effective.

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Includes guides to: Current Accounts, Savings Accounts, Mortgages, Fossil Free Investment Funds

The latest magazine includes guides rating:

  • Current Accounts
  • Savings Accounts
  • Mortgages


  • score tables rating and comparing the brands
  • Best Buy recommendations
  • which bank is the biggest funder of oil and gas?
  • is your bank paying its directors excessive amounts?
  • which banks are funding arms manufacturers?
  • who's best for being transparent about who they lend to?
  • the gender and ethnicity pay gaps in the finance sector
  • what's so good about building societies and credit unions?
  • which is the best green mortgage?
  • the latest boycott news

Feature article on:

  • are 'sustainable' investment funds fossil free?

Issue 200 (Jan/Feb 2023) now in print and online.

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  • Finding an ethical bank account. Rating the ethical and environmental record of 31 UK current accounts, with recommended buys and who to avoid.  We also look at app-based banking, which banks own which brands, fossil fuel investments, tax avoidance, unequal pay, and how to switch accounts. 
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  • Finding the most ethical mortgage, with ethical and environmental ratings for 40 mortgage providers, and recommended Best Buys and what to avoid.  We look at bank and building society mortgages, green mortgages, credit unions, Islamic mortgages, brokers, and alternative housing options. 
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More from Ethical Consumer

What is the most ethical and environmentally friendly milk? We look into the sustainability of plant-based milks, including almond, coconut, hemp, rice and soya; with ethical & environmental rankings for 26 vegan plant milk brands, and best buy recommendations.

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Is vegan cheese better for the environment? What about dairy companies making vegan cheese, palm oil and other ingredients? Ethical & environmental rankings for 18 vegan cheese brands, with Best Buys and what to avoid.

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Ethical and environmental rankings for 43 brands of eggs and vegan egg alternatives.  Is it ethical to eat eggs? We investigate egg labelling, vegan egg substitutes, the carbon impact of egg production, and the differences between cage, barn, free range, biodynamic and organic eggs.

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Finding an ethical and sustainable travel booking company. Full rankings for 29 travel companies. We look at the carbon impact of flying and alternatives, accommodation eco-labels, the impact of holiday homes (including Airbnb), alternative sustainable holiday options, shine a spotlight on TUI and make Best Buy recommendations.

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Consumers increasingly want to avoid palm oil where possible, but it's a tricky task as it's used in so many products - more than 50% of packaged supermarket products from margarine and oven chips to soaps and detergents.

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Amazon is well-known for its tax avoidance, workers’ rights abuses and monopolistic behaviour.  Here, we introduce our Amazon alternatives series, outlining more ethical options. We also explain the background to our Amazon boycott and why we launched it in 2012. 

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