Media Enquiries

Comment and interviews

We regularly provide comment, interviews and articles for other media outlets, such as the BBC, the Guardian, the Times and others.

We can undertake interviews in Manchester and London, or via phone or Skype.

Complimentary digital subscriptions and individual hard copies of Ethical Consumer magazine are available for journalists on request.

Email:   tim[at]     
Mob:     07971 688096

Areas of expertise

  • The UK’s ethical market - We produce the UK's Ethical Consumerism Market Report - an annual review of the facts and figures behind the 'ethical market' in the UK.
  • Corporate tax avoidance
  • Consumer boycotts
  • Analysis of market ethics by sector including: Energy Industry, Fashion, Food & drink, Home & Garden, Banking Sector, Supermarets, Technology and Transport. 
  • The campaigns we support including Tax Justice, BDS Movement, Stopping the Badger Cull, Protecting the Hen Harrier