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UK Ethical Markets Report

The Ethical Markets Report has been acting as an important barometer of UK spending since 1999. We track sales data across a wide range of consumer sectors.

The report is trusted and used by businesses, academics and the UK Government. 

Ethical Markets Report 2022

Our latest Ethical Markets Report found that ethical markets grew by almost 35% in 2021, expanding to £141.6 billion. This is the largest jump in the value of the market we’ve seen since we started tracking it in 1999.

The record-breaking growth was driven by three markets in particular: electric cars, renewable energy tariffs, and ethical investments.

The research, sponsored by Co-op Food, was conducted during 2022.

Cathryn Higgs, Head of Environment, Sustainability and Policy at Co-op, said:

Awareness of climate and environmental issues amongst consumers is greater than it is has ever been, and business has a vital part to play to continue to build ethical consumer confidence. It’s a responsibility we take very seriously with our goal to make it easier for consumers to make small changes, that add up to tangible differences for our planet. How and where shoppers spend their money really does make a difference, and it is imperative that consumers are left in no doubt that their actions have a part to play in creating a natural environment we are proud to pass on to future generations.