Lush Spring Prize

The Lush Spring Prize comprises of a £200,000 prize fund and other support activities, to build capacity for those repairing the earth’s damaged systems. It is for organisations that are working to revive damaged social and natural environments, and who want to share what they are doing to inspire and inform others.

There are 11 prizes awarded across four categories:

  • Intentional - For great new ideas and projects up to 1 year old, to help establish a strong foundation from which to grow.

  • Young - For projects and organisations of 1-5 years old that have a proven track record and which are seeking more funding to expand or develop.

  • Established- For groups or organisations that demonstrate successful and inspirational work over more than 5 years. We hope for prize money to spread the word of their work to inspire more people to get involved with the regenerative movement.

  • Influence- For those campaigning or lobbying to influence policy, regulation or public opinion in support of regeneration. This prize is aimed at supporting those who are changing the context in which we are all working.

The Spring Prize receives hundreds of nominations and the winners are chosen from a shortlist by a diverse panel of judges from around the world, each with their own expertise and experience. 

The winning projects are announced in May at an awards event, which takes place over three days to create a space where the projects can connect, share and learn. The event is also attended by the judges, other relevant organisations and representatives from Lush and Ethical Consumer. 


People all over the world are developing ways to live in harmony with nature and each other. They are resisting further damage, restoring ecosystems, generating renewable resources, nurturing solidarity and building health, wholeness and resilience.

Regeneration can mean a lot of different things to different people. By regeneration we mean systems and practices that take a ‘holistic’ approach to solving environmental, social and economic problems; aiming to restore health, wholeness and resilience.

We are looking for projects that are actively contributing to the health of all the systems they are part of.

As well as helping to restore the natural systems in the place the project is based, projects should be nurturing the wellbeing of all their workers, the capacity of the community around them, and the networks they are connected to.

We are seeking projects that are aware of the challenges they face, and building the capacity of their own organisation to improve and evolve.

Finally, projects should be sharing their experience so that others can be inspired by their work, adapt the knowledge to their own situations and develop the regenerative movement.

What's happening now?

Eleven projects were announced as the winners of the Spring Prize 2018. The projects came from countries from all over the world, from South and Central America, Asia, Europe and Africa. They work in range of different fields such as agriculture, sanitation and indigenous rights. 

Applications for the Spring Prize 2019 are open from 24th September to 9th November 2018. The winners will be announced in May 2019.