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Switching to a green energy supplier has never been easier.  Our guides will help you find the greenest suppliers, and cut through the greenwash. We also look at alternative ways to power and heat your home with guides to solar power and heatpumps. Our news and features keep you up to date with renewable energy technologies, community energy schemes and much more.

Shopping guides

Image representing the Batteries shopping guide


Finding environmentally friendly batteries: ratings for 12 brands of rechargeable and non-rechargeable batteries, with recommended buys and what to avoid.

We look at how bad disposable batteries are for the environment, the cost of rechargeable batteries and if they're cheaper over all, and the problems of the minerals used in batteries. We also look at how to recycle batteries.

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Image representing the Boilers shopping guide


Which are the most ethical and eco-friendly brands of gas and electric boiler?
Ratings for 15 brands of gas and electric boilers, with recommended buys. 

We also look at costs, grants, warranties, servicing, hydrogen boilers, energy efficiency and how to save energy. 

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Image representing the Eco Heat Pumps shopping guide

Eco Heat Pumps

How to find an eco friendly heat pump company. We rate the ethical and environmental record of 18 heat pump brands.

We look at the different types of heat pumps, their efficiency and performance, environmental impact, running costs and grants. Plus we give our Best Buys and recommended buys. We also shine the spotlight on MasterTherm.

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Image representing the Ethical Energy Suppliers shopping guide

Ethical Energy Suppliers

Which is the most ethical & green energy supplier in 2023? Rankings for 18 UK energy companies, with best buys, greenwashing and who to avoid.

As well as looking into the ethical and environmental records of each supplier, we also look at their fuel mix and where they buy energy, green tariffs, renewable generation and what '100% renewable' actually means, carbon offsets, biogas, community energy, and fuel pricing. 

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Image representing the Solar Panels shopping guide

Solar Panels

Finding eco friendly solar panels from ethical suppliers. Are they worth the investment?
Ranking 16 solar panel brands in the UK, with recommended buys. 

We look at the carbon footprint, pollution from manufacture, forced labour, conflict minerals, cost, buying second hand solar panels and community energy schemes. 

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Image representing the Solar thermal shopping guide

Solar thermal

In this guide we investigate, score and rank the ethical and environmental record of 13 solar companies.

We also look at different types of solar thermal, different uses for the technology, and our recommended buys.

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