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Ethical Consumer Magazine is an indispensable read for any independent thinker.

Each issue features detailed product guides, news of ethical products and campaigns, in-depth features, opinion, comment, boycott updates, readers' letters, and much more. Discover the truth behind the products we buy and the companies we buy them from.

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Issue 178 (May/June 2019)

Guides to:

  • Supermarkets,
  • Cat & Dog Food,
  • Olive Oil,
  • Coconut Oil,
  • Rapeseed & Sunflower Oil,
  • Paint

The magazine also includes:

  • an A-Z of supermarkets' ethical policies
  • sustainable alternatives to supermarkets
  • can cats be veggie?
  • electricity and gas revisited
  • why you should buy recycled paper

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Ethical Consumer magazine is printed on chlorine-free, 100% post-consumer waste paper sourced from Paperback. It is printed locally by Rap Spiderweb using vegetable-based inks. Our envelopes are also 100% post-consumer recycled paper.

Back issues

  • Issue 177

    Cover of back issue Issue 177

    Product guides: Meat Alternatives, Furniture Shops, Coffee Makers, Innovative Finance ISAs


    Feature: The plight of the migrant workers in southern Spain who grow veg for supermarkets

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    Tea & Coffee special: Ground coffee & beans, Instant coffee, Pods for coffee machines, Coffee Shops, Tea, Herbal, fruit & rooibos tea

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      Alternatives to Amazon guides: Ethical online retailers, Book retailers, Tablets and e-readers, Streaming services

      Features: Online shopping vs the high street, our 2018 manifesto

    • Issue 174

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      Transport Special: Guides to Bicycles & Electric bikes, Cars, pure electric cars & plug-in hybrids.

      Plus, guide to Restaurants

      Features: What is a regenerative business? Plus, Badger cull campaign latest

    • Issue 173

      Cover of back issue Issue 173

      Palm Oil Special

      Product Guides to: Chocolate, Biscuits, Margarine, Spreads & Butter, Bread

      Features: Lush Spring Prize, Our new tax havens list

    • Issue 172

      Cover of back issue Issue 172

      Ethical Finance special: guides to current accounts, savings accounts, cash isas, app banks, ethical pensions, ethical investment funds, home insurance, car insurance

      Feature: The Modern Slavery Act - are companies complying

    • Issue 171

      Cover of back issue Issue 171

      Product Guides: Fridges & Freezers, Washing Machines, Cookers, ovens & hobs, Kettles

      Features: Which cameras and binoculars are wildlife friendly

    • Issue 170

      Cover of back issue Issue 170

      Product Guides to Fragrances, Underwear, Soft Drinks and Fruit Juice

      Special Report: Carbon offset schemes

    • Issue 169

      Cover of back issue Issue 169

      Product Guides: Milk, Plant milk, Bottled water, Beer & Lager

      Feature: Companies House, Lush Spring Prize

    • Issue 168

      Cover of back issue Issue 168

      Product Guides: High Street Clothes Shops, Ethical Clothes Shops, Jeans, Designer Brands

      Features: Fairtrade gold

    • Issue 167

      Cover of back issue Issue 167

      Product Guides: Electricity & Gas, Light bulbs, , Gas Boilers, Solar PV Panels

      Features: What's all the fuss about B Corps?

    • Issue 166

      Cover of back issue Issue 166

      Product Guides: Bananas, Baked Beans, Supermarkets, Tinned Tuna

      Features: How to boycott Trump

    • Issue 165

      Cover of back issue Issue 165

      Product Guides: Shampoo, Toothpaste, Make-up, Laundry Detergent

      Features: The growth of the ethical market, Phasing out the for-profit corporation

    • Issue 164

      Cover of back issue Issue 164

      Product Guides: Batteries, Bookshops, Mobile Phone Networks, Razors & Shavers

      Features: What's wrong with the NFU?

    • Issue 163

      Cover of back issue Issue 163

      Product Guides: Laptops & Hybrids, Mobile phones, Tablets & E-readers

      Features: Boycott Brexit, Animal welfare in Japan

    • Issue 162

      Cover of back issue Issue 162

      Product Guides: Shoes, Trainers, Walking Boots, Sportswear

      Features: How can we challenge Amazon's monopoly power?