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Campaigns & Boycotts

We run campaigns on key ethical issues and are currently campaigning for a boycott against Amazon for their use of tax avoidance.

We also collaborate on The Lush Prize, and the Lush Spring Prize, founded the Fair Tax Mark and Save Our Bank. 

Active Consumer Boycotts

Our boycott list is widely regarded as the most comprehensive English-language list of progressive consumer boycotts.

We regularly add boycotts to the list and you can help by emailing the news editor with any relevant information.

View Consumer Boycotts

Tax Justice

Corporate tax abuse continues to make headline news with more and more companies outed as tax avoiders. We aim to help consumers campaign on the issue, including running our Amazon boycott campaign.

Find out about Tax Justice

Agricultural workers in southern Spain

Ethical Consumer asked supermarkets to take responsibility for the rights of workers like Spitou who grow the produce they sell.

Spitou works in Almeria Spain where more than half of Europe’s fruit and vegetables are grown. Much of the produce that he and his colleagues grow and pick goes to UK supermarkets. But for many years workers from the region have protested against serious exploitation. 

Ethical Consumer called on UK supermarkets to act and make sure that their suppliers uphold workers’ rights.

Find out which supermarkets responded

Climate Gap Report

We are not on track to meet international emissions reduction targets. So what is the gap between where we as consumers are and where we need to be? And what actions couldwe take to address it?

Rob Harrison and Josie Wexler introduce a new report from Ethical Consumer to help identify how consumers, governments and companies can work together to help fix the climate crisis.

Read the 2021 Climate Gap Report summary and actions

Campaign Partnerships

Stop Funding Hate

Some UK publications use hateful content to generate sensationalist stories, increase sales and push social division. Advertisers are a major part of their business model, providing up to half of many companies’ revenues.

Together with Stop Funding Hate, we are launching a new set of guides showing how you can help stop the hate and social divisiveness present in our media, either as an individual or as an organisation or campaign group. 

Find out more and get the Stop Funding Hate guides

Lush Spring Prize for regeneration

The Lush Spring Prize is a collaborative project between Lush and Ethical Consumer. It annually awards £200,000 to projects around the world that are working towards environmental and social regeneration.

Find out about the Lush Spring Prize

Lush Prize against animal testing

The Lush Prize is a collaboration between Ethical Consumer and Lush Cosmetics; a £350,000 annual fund to reward groups or individuals working in the field of cruelty-free scientific research, awareness raising and lobbying

Find out about the Lush Prize