Stop Funding Hate

Stop Funding Hate is a groundbreaking campaign challenging the overt racist content of the Daily Express, Daily Mail and the Sun. The campaign targets companies who regularly advertise in these tabloids.

It made big headlines recently, when Paperchase apologised for running a promotion in the Daily Mail. That put Paperchase in the good company of Specsavers, Evans Cycles, Fashion retailer JOY, The Body Shop, ETA Insurance, Lush and Lego, amongst others, who have all responded positively to the campaign.

You can see the full list of 23 companies on the Stop Funding Hate website.

Our Research for Stop Funding Hate – the top advertisers

Ethical Consumer have continued working with Stop Funding Hate to estimate how much companies are spending on adverts in the three papers. 

Our latest piece of research covered the six-week period from Monday 9th October to Monday 20th November and was timed for Christmas. Stop Funding Hate has never called for anyone to boycott these companies, instead suggesting that they talk to them. 

Table: Stop Funding Hate

Advertising provides a substantial portion of newspapers’ revenue. In the case of the Daily Mail, print advertising supplied nearly a third of its revenue in 2016.

Up until now, the only people who were going to be aware that these companies advertised in these papers were their readers, who presumably approved of the support that the advertisers were giving their paper.

We’re hoping that our research will change that. The Sun has a circulation of 1.5 million; the Mail 1.4 million; the Express 370,000. Meanwhile, there are nearly 66 million of us in the UK. Which means that there are nearly 63 million of us who don’t buy these three papers. And that is a lot more people that can join the campaign to Stop Funding Hate.

Recent victories

In another victory for the Stop Funding Hate campaign Center Parcs, London's South Bank Centre, and Smarty mobile have all pulled advertising from the Daily Mail in February 2018 after the newspaper published a column on gay and transgender parenting that they felt was inappropriate.