Ethical Consumer at 25

Last updated: November 2015

Ethical Consumer at 25

Over the last quarter of a century Ethical Consumer has become something of an institution. It has built up a reputation for rigorous research and a courageous attitude. This has made it the go to organisation for consumers and campaigners trying navigate the knotty consumer issues of our time.


To mark this milestone we've written a number of special features which you can find below.

You can also see images and listen to audio from our 25th Anniversary Conference here > 



25 years of ethical shopping

how to choose the greenest laptop

How the ethical market has developed

Rob Harrison looks at how thinking has changed over the last 25 years, and asks what we might expect to see in 25 years time.

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Review of 2014

Ethical Consumer magazine

We look back at the most viewed pages of 2014

Discover the 10 most read guides and articles from Ethical Consumer in 2014, from fashion to finance. 

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Ethical Consumer 1989 – 2014

Boycott logo

How Ethical Consumer started out

Jane Turner takes a look back at the first 25 years of the Ethical Consumer co-op.  

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Where are they now?

Ethical Consumer magazine

Profiles of former co-op members

Jane Turner interviews some ex-staff members to ask about their time at Ethical Consumer and the impact it has had on their lives


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The next 25 years

Ethical Consumer magazine

A look ahead to ethical shopping in the next quarter century

Simon Birch looks to the next 25 years of ethical consumption 

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