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Last updated: December 2015


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Ethical Consumer provides the tools and resources to ensure you can make ethical choices easily. We provide shopping guides for 100s of products that can be tailored to suit your personal ethics.

Our website is the hub of the ethical consumer movement with latest boycott news, company ratings, campaigns to support and top tips for the concious ethical shopper. 

We have enjoyed great success with our website this year.

With over 100,000 users landing on our pages every month, we decided it was time to employ our first dedicated editorial assistant.

Welcome to Georgina Rawes, who introduces some of the most viewed pages of 2015.




Most Popular Guides

palm oil special report

Clothing Guides

Simple or detailed scorecard ratings and Best Buys for clothing brands  and retailers- customised to your ethics.

Our clothing guides are the most viewed pages on our website. The clothing industry has become one of the most destructive industries in the world. Consumers head to our site to find alternatives and to hold these clothing companies accountable.

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Most popular product guide from food & drink

The ethics of milk remains a hot topic. Our badger campaign against the cull, which re-started in August, has led to an increased interest in discovering where our milk is produced and how to find badger-friendly milk. 

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Laundry Detergents

Most viewed shopping guide from home & garden 

There is an overwhelming choice of laundry detergents on the supermarket shelf - bio or no bio, fragrance free, powder or liquid?

So it is no surprise that this guide remains a popular choice as consumers come to discover which is the greenest. 

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Ethical Shopping

Our palm-free list is the most viewed page on ethical shopping

Palm oil is in so many consumer goods (food and cosmetics) its hard to find products without it.

That is why our list has proved so useful for consumers who are looking to boycott the unethical ingredient.

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Most Read Report

supermarkets guide

Which is the most ethical supermarket?

Our guide ranks the seven major supermarkets against the discounters Aldi, Lidl and Iceland. 

It remains such a popular report because it uncovers a supermarket sector that has a long way to go to improve its overall ethics and environmental performance.

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Boycott Nestle

The worlds longest running boycott

We caught up with Mike Brady from Baby Milk Action who provided an update on the boycott against Nestle.

A historic boycott from a global brand proved a popular story for our users. 

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Tax Avoidance

Tax justice remains a hot topic in the UK

These companies and their famous brands have all been given our worst rating for likely use of tax avoidance strategies, from Acer to Yum Major.

A chance to tweet the companies and hold them accountable for their unfair tax policies. 

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Most Viewed Feature

The ethical benefits of not eating meat

Ditching meat for a plant-based diet is no new phenomenon. However, an increasing amount of people are changing their lifestyle as they realise the extreme and damaging consequences that are caused by the global meat industry. 

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