Human Rights

Last updated: February 2016



Universally Acknowledged But Fundamentally Flawed


Human rights remain high on the world agenda but are often inadequate. 

Established in 1948 human rights are now the cornerstone of western civilisation but they are often shunned by corporates and governments alike. The impact of this is embedded into many of the things we buy.

Conflict Minerals

Are products fuelling conflict around the world?

Ethical Consumer explores the complex bureaucracies that have emerged to help civil society address claims that consumer products are fuelling conflict around the world. 

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Modern Slavery Act

Will this new act live up to expectations? 

This new act will force companies to publicly report on the steps they are taking to ensure there is no slavery or forced labour in their supply chains. However, campaigners are dubious as to whether the act will live up to expectations. 

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Bursting the bubble on sodastream

The Israeli drinks manufacturer has long been a boycott call from the BDS movement. Charlotte Perkins reports on the progress of the campaign.  

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Uzbek Cotton

Ending forced labour in Uzbekistan

Despite being 10 years since the Environmental Justice Foundation exposed the use of forced and child labour for picking cotton in Uzbekistan, it remains a large problem. 

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