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adidas corporate profile


Adidas sells sports shoes, apparel and equipment.

It is the no.2 manufacturer of sporting goods behind Nike, has an annual turnover of $17.92 billion and is present in 170 countries.


Read the company profile for Adidas



adidas corporate profile


Amazon is the world's biggest online retailer and owns brands such as Kindle, Audible and Lovefilm.

Amazon is an arch tax avoider and is now the subject of a global boycott call by Ethical Consumer.


Read the company profile for Amazon



adidas corporate profile


Apple has long been the target of a number of campaigns due to the workers' rights issues at its supplier factories.

But the mutli-billion pound computing giant has also been found wanting in other areas.


Read the company profile for Apple


Coca Cola

coca cola corporate profile


Coca Cola owns many well known drink brands from mixers, soft drinks to smoothies. 

It is the world's largest soft drink manufacturer, has an annual turnover of £26.8 billion.


Read the company profile for Coca Cola



colgate corporate profile


Colgate-Palmolive is a US multinational making everything from toothpaste to dog food.  

It owns over 20 different brands, has an annual turnover of £16 billion.


Read the company profile for Colgate-Palmolive



Ikea corporate profile


As we all know IKEA sells affordable flatpack furniture and household goods. 

Over recent years the company has made many positive noises regarding sustainability, but do its ethical commitments hold any weight? 

Read the company profile for IKEA



adidas corporate profile


L'Oreal is the world's largest beauty products company. 

The company controversially bought ethical cosmetics pioneer, the Body Shop and its 2,550 stores worldwide.


Read the company profile for L'Oreal


Marks and Spencer

M&S corporate profile


Marks and Spencer was established in 1884, and is one of the UK's leading supermarkets. 

It sells a range of products from food to clothing, it has an annual turnover of £10.61 billion.


Read the company profile for Marks and Spencer



adidas corporate profile


Nestle are know for producing a variety of sweets, drinks and cereals.

They are also known for being the target of the world's longest running boycott.


Read the company profile for Nestle



adidas corporate profile


Nike is the world's #1 maker of athletic footwear and apparel.

The company has been the target of numerous campaigns but how successful have these been?


Read the company profile for Nike



adidas corporate profile


Npower is part of a German owned power company RWE.

Npower is now the target of a campaign over their tax avoidance. Find out more about the company's ethics from its coal suppliers to corporate lobbying.


Read the company profile for Npower



adidas corporate profile


High street clothes retailer Primark, which is owned by Associated British Foods, is always in and out of the news.

Every year we hear stories of abuse at supplier factories, usually on the Indian sub continent.


Read the company profile for Primark



samsung corporate profile


The Samsung Group is South Korea's biggest business conglomerate, a family-controlled business empire known as a “chaebol”. It's activities span oil and gas, insurance, financial services, armaments and biopharmacy.


Read the company profile for Samsung



adidas corporate profile


The coffee shop giant had tried to clean up its image introducing fair trade coffee to its stores. However it recently became embroiled in a new scandal over its tax avoidance with campaign group UKUncut carrying out a coordinated campaign against them.

Average product rating 6.5/20.

Read the company profile for Starbucks



Tesco corporate profile


Tesco is the UK's largest supermarket chain.  

It sells a range of products in its stores & also owns One Stop. Tesco has an annual turnover of £54.43 billion.


Read the company profile for Tesco



adidas corporate profile


Unilever is a huge company making everything from processed foods to laundry detergent. 

In addition Unilever also operates tea and palm oil plantations.


Read the company profile for Unilever


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