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Last updated: November 2016




Buying books without Amazon


In December 2012 we launched our campaign to boycott Amazon in response to the growing anger amongst consumers, smaller traders and elected politicians about the company’s systematic tax avoidance. Their irresponsible attitude to tax has distorted markets and contributed to the erosion of our public services.



Four years on, despite Amazon’s apparent online omnipotence, thousands of people are now boycotting Amazon. The following special report includes product guides (to e-readers, e-books, bookshops and online booksellers) which have been designed to help you in your quest to challenge the retail Goliath.

We cover a range of issues from an in-depth look at company tax haven use to the environmental impacts of e-readers.


Product Guide

alternatives to amazon

Ethical Shopping Guide to Booksellers

Printed book sales continue to fall as a result of Amazon's dominance. Use our product guide to ditch the online giant and instead pick an ethical bookseller. 

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Tax Avoidance

Image: Tax Havens

Amazon isn't the only company avoiding tax

See our infographic to discover which other companies receive our worst rating for tax avoidance and which receive our best rating.

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Product Guide 


Ethical Shopping Guide to e-Readers 

The digital revolution has led many to ditch the paperback for an electronic reader instead. 

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Radical Bookshops

Image: Radical list of bookshops

National directory

A comprehensive list of radical bookshops in the UK.

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