Last updated: April 2017


Supermarkets under the Spotlight


There is no doubt that Supermarkets dominate the grocery sector. Their convenience and cheap prices make it hard to avoid them. In this report we find that its their suppliers and farmers who are often paying the price for such budget pricing.

Overall, the supermarket sector has a lot to do to improve its ethical and environmental performance. The sector needs to present clear ethical policies on a range of issues from taking a stand on inhumane factory farming to placing more Fairtrade and organic products on its shelves. We look at these issues in more detail in this special report. 


For a detailed comparison read our ethical shopping guide into supermarkets

Animal Welfare

Business Benchmark on Farm Animal Welfare

Nicky Amos and Rory Sullivan on why the Business Benchmark on Farm Animal Welfare works.

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Supply Chains

Image: Grocery Code Adjud

Groceries Code Adjudicator

Thomas Wills, Policy Officer at Traidcraft Exchange, explains that for greater fairness in supply chains we need a more powerful Groceries Code Adjudicator.  

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Shop Locally

Growing an alternative 'supermarket' network

We look at how you can buy food sustainably across the country. 

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Product Guide

Which supermarket is the most ethical?

Ethical and environmental ratings for 13 supermarkets, with best buy recommendations. 

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