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Animal Rights Boycotts


A number of companies are on the list for their poor record on animal testing. These companies include Boots, Unilever, L'Oreal and Nestle.



There are also several companies on list for animal welfare related issues. These include: Adidas, Escada, Japan, Harrods, Joseph Ltd, Kentucky Fried Chicken and Kurt Geiger.






Category: Animal Rights
Called by: Viva

Boycott call from Viva for using kangaroo skin to make some types of football boots.

In October 2011 Viva! announced that unconfirmed reports in the leather trade press suggested that Adidas has ceased using kangaroo skin in any of its products. Stephen Tully from Agforce, an Australian industry body, said: "Traditionally shooters had a fall-back market of shooting for skins but Mr Newton said that market was no longer viable after major manufacturers such as Adidas moved away from using kangaroo leather in response to public pressure from animal rights activists."

Viva!'s founder and director, Juliet Gellatley said, "The slaughter of kangaroos is carried out by a country with the world's worst record for species extinction. We have harried and opposed the Australian killing industry for more than a decade with considerable success. This latest move away from kangaroo leather is because Viva! has tarnished Adidas' image and therefore their profitability."

Detailed Company Profile (subscribers only): Adidas AG

Company Profile (free to view):Adidas AG

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Air France

Category: Animal Rights

Called by: PETA

Air France is the only major airline that continues to ship monkeys to laboratories for experimentation. Primates transported by Air France are frequently be taken from the wild, and were transported on journeys that could last for more than 30 hours. Once transported, the primates experience only darkened. According to PETA: 'Primates in laboratories were routinely mutilated, poisoned, deprived of food and water, forcibly immobilized in restraint devices, infected with painful and deadly diseases, and psychologically tormented...Primates suffer from the long and gruelling transport in the cargo holds of planes and in the backs of trucks'. 

It was reported that 90 percent of drugs tested on animals failed in human trials, making primate transportation for experimentation unnecessarily cruel.

Due to Consumer pressure, other major airlines, including United, Air China, Delta, and American were reported to have stopped transporting primates for use in experiments. 

PETA was urging consumers to boycott Air France until the company changed its policy on transporting primates.






Category: Animal Rights

Called by: Friends of Animals

The animal rights group Friends of Animals has announced a boycott of traveling to Alaska because of the Alaskan Government's decision to allow wolf hunting.




Bluefin Tuna


Category: Environment

Called by: Greenpeace

According to Greenpeace, Bluefin tuna is an endangered species could soon be extinct. Despite this it is still being served in sushi restaurants in the UK. For more information see the .

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Category: Animal Rights

Called by: Naturewatch

The company is listed in the 11th edition of Naturewatch's Compassionate Shopping Guide as a company to avoid.

Detailed Company Profile (subscribers only): Boots UK Ltd, Alliance Boots GmbH, KKR & Co. L.P. and Walgreen Co

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Category: Animal Rights

Called by: PETA, Respect for Animals, Humane Society of the USA and International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW)

Respect for Animals has called a boycott of Canada due to the government-subsidised slaughter of nearly one million seals over the last three years.

Humane Society of the USA and IFAW are also calling for a boycott of Canadian fish and seafood, as exports to the UK earn five times more for Canada than the landed seal hunt in Newfoundland.

There is now also boycott specifically directed at Canadian maple syrup lead by PETA.

Respect for Animals say that the boycott of Canadian seafood is having a big impact. Since it came into effect, the value of snow crab exports from Canada to the US has fallen by roughly $200 million a year.





Category: Animal Rights

Called by: The Campaign Against the Fur Trade

The Campaign Against the Fur Trade are calling for a boycott of fashion group Escada for using fur products.

Detailed Company Profile (subscribers only): Wella AG, Procter & Gamble and Procter & Gamble

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Category: Animal Rights

Called by: the Campaign Against the Fur Trade

When contacted by Ethical Consumer in May 2008 the Campaign Against the Fur Trade stated that were calling for a boycott of Harrods, the last department store in the UK to stock fur products.






Category: Animal Rights

Called by: International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW)

Japan is under a boycott call from IFAW due to whale hunting for "scientific" reasons in a protected whale sanctuary around Antartica.See the Boycott Japan Facebook group for more information or sign the petition.



Joseph Ltd


Category: Animal Rights

Called by: Campaign Against the Fur Trade

This company is under a boycott call from Campaign Against the Fur Trade for selling coats and other products made from animal fur and boots made from rabbit fur.



Kentucky Fried Chicken


Category: Animal Rights

Called by: PETA

PETA has called a boycott of KFC for animal welfare reasons. They say suppliers cram birds into huge waste-filled factories, breed and drug them to grow so large that they can't even walk, and often break their wings and legs. At slaughter, the birds' throats are slit and they are dropped into tanks of scalding-hot water—often while they are still conscious.



Kurt Geiger


Category: Animal Rights

Called by: Campaign Against the Fur Trade

For selling boots made from rabbit fur.

Detailed Company Profile (subscribers only): Kurt Geiger and The Jones Group

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Category: Animal Testing

Called by: Naturewatch

Naturewatch has a long-standing boycott of L'Oreal due to its continued use of animal testing for cosmetics. The French multinational uses ingredients that have been tested on animals, despite public statements to the contrary. It has also been criticised for lobbying against an EU ban on animal testing for cosmetics.

Detailed Company Profile (subscribers only): L'Oreal, Nestle SA and Liliane Bettencourt

Company Profile (free to view):L'Oreal

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Category: Animal Rights

Called by: Gateway to Hell

The Gateway to Hell campaign is calling a boycott of Mauritius over its complicity in the live export of primates.




Category: Animal rights

Called by: Viva

Nikon is subject to a boycott call from campaign group Viva! over its promotion of bloodsports. Viva! have accused the company of hypocrisy for promoting cameras to wildlife photographers while at the same time selling sights for hunting rifles.

Detailed Company Profile (subscribers only): Nikon

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Category: Animal Testing

Called by: Naturewatch

The Naturewatch Compassionate Shopping Guide 12th Edition 2010 listed Unilever as a company that was not endorsed by Naturewatch. It did not endorse Unilever as the company was unable to demonstrate a fixed cut off date for its animal testing policy.

Detailed Company Profile (subscribers only): Unilever, Unilever PLC, Unilever UK Foods, Ltd, Unilever NV, Stichting Administratiekantoor Unilever N.V.

Company Profile (free to view):Unilever

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West Country Dairy products


Category: Animal Rights

Called by: RSPCA

RSPCA chief executive called for a boycott of dairy produce from Gloucestershire and Somerset, the areas where a badger cull will begin.


See our Badger Campaign for more information on the cull.  


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