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The most comprehensive English language list of progressive boycotts, with links to campaigns, alternative products and more information about companies and brands. Boycotts are one of the four types of ethical buying

If your boycott isn't listed please email the news editor with any relevant information (inclusion does not constititute an endorsement by Ethical Consumer)


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Category: Animal Rights

Called by: Viva

Boycott call from Viva for using kangaroo skin to make some types of football boots.

Adidas are phasing out the use of kangaroo leather by 98 per cent over 12 months but will still use small amounts of it so the boycott continues.

Detailed Company Profile (subscribers only): Adidas AG

Company Profile (free to view):Adidas AG

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Ahava Dead Sea Laboratories


Category: Politics

Called by: CODEPINK, BDS Movement

CODEPINK, the US women's anti-war movement, has launched the 'Stolen Beauty' campaign targeting Ahava Dead Sea Laboratories for its involvement in the occupied territories.

Pressured Oxfam into suspending actress and Ahava spokes model Kristen Davis from publicity work as an Oxfam Goodwill Ambassador for the duration of her contract with Ahava.

Regular bi-weekly protests in London have resulted in the flagship Ahava store losing it's lease. A number of small independent stores have dropped Ahava from inventory – among them the gift shop at the National Cathedral in Washington D.C.and the U.N. Commissary in Vienna.

Ahava's labeling practices have been scrutinised by officials in England, the Netherlands, France, and most recently in South Africa.

10,000 pledges to boycott Ahava

BDS Movement features Ahava Dead Laboratories in its top 10 consumer boycott list. See our boycott Israel section.



Air France

Category: Animal Rights

Called by: PETA

Air France is the only major airline that continues to ship monkeys to laboratories for experimentation. Primates transported by Air France are frequently be taken from the wild, and were transported on journeys that could last for more than 30 hours. Once transported, the primates experience only darkened.

According to PETA:

'Primates in laboratories were routinely mutilated, poisoned, deprived of food and water, forcibly immobilized in restraint devices, infected with painful and deadly diseases, and psychologically tormented...Primates suffer from the long and gruelling transport in the cargo holds of planes and in the backs of trucks'. 

It was reported that 90 percent of drugs tested on animals failed in human trials, making primate transportation for experimentation unnecessarily cruel.

Due to Consumer pressure, other major airlines, including United, Air China, Delta, and American were reported to have stopped transporting primates for use in experiments. 

PETA was urging consumers to boycott Air France until the company changed its policy on transporting primates.





Category: Animal Rights

Called by: Friends of Animals

The animal rights group Friends of Animals has announced a boycott of traveling to Alaska because of the Alaskan Government's decision to allow wolf hunting.





Category: Tax Avoidance

Called by: Ethical Consumer

We have called a boycott of Amazon over their outrageous tax avoidance.

Detailed Company Profile (subscribers only): Amazon Inc





Ben & Jerry's 

Category: Political

Called by: BDS Movement

Unilever subsidiary Ben & Jerry's has been added to the list of companies boycotted by the BDS movement. Call comes from the brand's long-standing contractual relationship with an Israeli franchise that manufactures ice cream in Israel and sells it in Israeli settlements in the occupied West Bank and East Jerusalem. 

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Bluefin Tuna


Category: Environment

Called by: Greenpeace

According to Greenpeace, Bluefin tuna is an endangered species could soon be extinct. Despite this it is still being served in sushi restaurants in the UK. 

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Category: Animal Rights

Called by: Naturewatch

The company is listed in the 14th edition of Naturewatch's Compassionate Shopping Guide as a company to avoid.

Detailed Company Profile (subscribers only): Boots UK Ltd, Alliance Boots GmbH, KKR & Co. L.P. and Walgreen Co

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Category: Human Rights

Called by: Survival International

Survival International have called a travel boycott of Botswana due to the treatment of indigenous communities. Bushmen were illegally evicted from their land to make way for diamond mining.





Category: Environment

Called by: Boycott BP

The company has come in for a boycott call thanks to one of the worst environmental disasters ever to befall the United states, the Deepwater Horizon oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico.

BP are also accused of large scale UK tax avoidance.

Detailed Company Profile (subscribers only): BP PLC

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Category: Political

Called by: Methodist Tax Justice Network, SumOfUS

Campaign say they are boycotting Cadbury "until we see evidence that Cadbury are paying tax commensurate with their sales in all countries in which they operate, we will refuse to buy from a company who avoid making their appropriate contributions to wider society."

Detailed Company Profile (subscribers only): Cadbury PLC

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Canada / Canadian Seafood


Category: Animal Rights

Called by: Humane Society of the USA

Respect for Animals has called a boycott of Canada due to the government-subsidised slaughter of nearly one million seals over the last three years.

Humane Society of the USA are also calling for a boycott of Canadian fish and seafood, as exports to the UK earn five times more for Canada than the landed seal hunt in Newfoundland.

Respect for Animals say that the boycott of Canadian seafood is having a big impact. Since it came into effect, the value of snow crab exports from Canada to the US has fallen by roughly $200 million a year.



Canadian Farmed Salmon


Category: Environment

Called by: Salmon feed lot boycott

Campaigners say the industry is posing a massive risk to the environment surrounding the fisheries.

Organisers of the boycott say that with no barriers around farms to protect the surrounding area, pollution and water-borne diseases contaminate the ocean environment. The campaign website says that the intensive livestock sea-based enclosures can contain up to a million fish.

These fish are fed colourants to turn their grey flesh pink and given antibiotics and de-lousing drugs to fight disease and parasites. These inevitably leak into the surrounding environment. In addition, disposal of manure is non-existent and it simply pours into coastal fishing grounds.





Category: Political

Called by: BDS Movement

War on Want have called for a boycott of Caterpillar for selling bulldozers to Israel in full knowledge that they will be armoured and used to destroy Palestinian homes, infrastructure and agriculture in the Occupied Palestinian Territories.

"One of the great strengths of the Caterpillar campaign is that it has given ordinary people the chance to be personally involved in the fight for Palestinian rights. It is easy to feel overwhelmed by such an intractable situation as Palestine, but Caterpillar is a known high street brand that is directly involved in the Israeli Occupation, so people had an instant connection. The campaign also developed its own life, with people inventing their own forms of action completely independent of anything we had suggested. And the results were amazing, including the Church of England's decision to divest its £2.2 million holding in Caterpillar after we had successfully lobbied the General Synod to do so. The campaign continues, including legal action in Israel itself, and many other brands have now been targeted for boycott, divestment and sanctions. Caterpillar was a great test case for the broader movement."

Read our Boycott Israel page.  





Category: Political, Human Rights

Called by: Boycottmadeinchina

Boycottmadeinchina have called a boycott of the country for its continued human rights abuses and for its occupation of Tibet.




Category: Political, Environment, Human Rights

Called by: Colombia Solidarity Campaign, and the BDS Movement

Company profile (free to view): Coca Cola.

Detailed Company Profile (subscribers only): The Coca-Cola Company

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The BDS Movement includes Coca-Cola in its top 10 consumer boycott campaign targets. Find out more about this campaign on our Boycott Israel page. 


Constellation Brands

Category: Environment, Human Rights

Called by: Mexicali Resiste

Company profile: -

Detailed company profile subscribers only): Constellation Brands

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Residents of Mexicali in Mexico have called for a boycott of Constellation brands after the company took control of the areas water supply. The company sell the Hardys and Echo Falls wines in the UK.




Cateogory: Animal Rights

Called by: PETA

PETA are calling on More4 to stop airing Crufts. The BBC dropped the show after relevations about ill, inbred animals. The culture of breeding has serious health implications for the dogs involved on the show. 







Category: Animal Rights

Called by: Boycott Dog4Us

Dog4Us is a puppy warehouse located in Leeds and Manchester. Organisers based their campaign on information exposed by BBC Panorama, such a selling fake Pedigri pups and seriously ill dogs, buying from cruel puppy farms and selling untraceable dogs from unlicensed breeders.



Driscoll's (Sakuma Brand)


Category: Human Rights

Called by: Families United For Justice

Thousands of farm workers in the US and Mexico have called for a boycott on Driscoll's which sells Sakuma berries.

Thousands of workers went on strike for two weeks in April demanding higher wages and legally required benefits.

Independent union Families United for Justice are a representative of the farm workers and demands Driscoll's to stop selling Sakuma berries.




EDF Energy


Category: Environment

Called by: Kick Nuclear, Switch off EDF

Kick Nuclear have called a boycott of EDF for its involvement in the planned building of a new generation of nuclear power stations across the UK. Switch off EDF are running a campaign to get people to swtich to greener alternatives.

Detailed Company Profile (subscribers only): EDF Energy PLC and Electricité de France (EDF)

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Category: Politics

Called by: The Cost of Knowledge

Academics are boycotting Elsevier's journals due to the "exorbitantly high prices for subscriptions to individuals and "in the light of these high prices, the only realistic option for many libraries is to agree to buy very large bundles, which will include many journals that those libraries do not actually want. Elsevier thus makes huge profits by exploiting the fact that some of their journals are essential."



English Dairy Products


Category: Animal Rights

Called by: Viva!

Viva! are calling for people to boycott English dairy products in light of the High Court decision to allow two trial 'culls' of badgers to go ahead in England later this year in an effort to curtail the spread of bovine TB. Badgers will be trapped, caged and then shot, despite contradictory evidence on the effectiveness of such action.

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Category: Animal Rights

Called by: The Campaign Against the Fur Trade

The Campaign Against the Fur Trade are calling for a boycott of fashion group Escada for using fur products.

Detailed Company Profile (subscribers only): Wella AG, Procter & Gamble and Procter & Gamble

Boycott Profile Page (parent company): Procter & Gamble

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Category: Human Rights

Called by: Central Council of Tlingit and Haida Indian Tribes of Alaska

CCTHITA have called for a boycott of FedEx for as long as they continue to sponsor the Washington Redskins - who bear a racially offensive name.



Fortnum and Mason


Category: Animal Rights

Called by: PETA

PETA call for a boycott against Fortnum and Mason for selling Foie Gras. PETA exposed the shocking cruelty and abuse on farms supplying Fortnum and Mason. 





Geckos Adventures 

Category: Political

Called by: Burma Campaign UK

Burma Campaign UK call for a boycott of Gecko's Adventures as they offer package tours to Burma.





Category: Political

Called by: BDS Movement

The BDS has called for a boycott of Swedish fashion giant H&M in response to the opening of its second store in Israel.  The store is in Malha, a village in Jerusalem that activists say was ethnically cleansed during the Nakba – the 'catastrophe' that accompanied the creation of the Israeli state in 1948.

Detailed Company Profile (subscribers only): H&M Hennes & Mauritz AB.

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Category: Animal Rights

Called by: the Campaign Against the Fur Trade

When contacted by Ethical Consumer in May 2008 the Campaign Against the Fur Trade stated that were calling for a boycott of Harrods, the last department store in the UK to stock fur products.





Category: Animal Rights

Called by: PETA

PETA are calling on a boycott of Hermès which sells luxury bags and belts using skin from reptiles. Alligators and crocodiles are brutally slaughtered for 'luxury' fashion. 





Intercontinental Hotels


Category: Human rights

Called by:

Free Tibet and other international groups have launched a global boycott targeting the InterContinental Hotels Group (IHG), owner of Holiday Inn, over its plan to open a hotel in Lhasa, the capital of occupied Tibet.





Category: Political, Human Rights

Called by: Various

This country is under several boycott calls for following 'decades of refusal to abide by UN resolutions, International Humanitarian law and the Fourth Geneva Convention.'

Boycott Profile Page: Israel Boycotts.





Joseph Ltd


Category: Animal Rights

Called by: Campaign Against the Fur Trade

This company is under a boycott call from Campaign Against the Fur Trade for selling coats and other products made from animal fur and boots made from rabbit fur.








Category: Environment

Called by: Organic Consumers Association

For using sugar from genetically engineered sugar beets in its products.

To see how they rate and for alternatives see Ethical Consumer's free Buyers' Guide to cereal.

Detailed Company Profile (subscribers only): Kellogg Company and W.K. Kellogg Foundation

Related Product Guides: Breakfast Cereals 





Kurt Geiger


Category: Animal Rights

Called by: Campaign Against the Fur Trade

For selling boots made from rabbit fur.

Detailed Company Profile (subscribers only): Kurt Geiger and The Jones Group

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Category: Animal Testing

Called by: Naturewatch

Naturewatch has a long-standing boycott of L'Oreal due to its continued use of animal testing for cosmetics. The French multinational uses ingredients that have been tested on animals, despite public statements to the contrary. It has also been criticised for lobbying against an EU ban on animal testing for cosmetics.

Detailed Company Profile (subscribers only): L'Oreal, Nestle SA and Liliane Bettencourt

Company Profile (free to view):L'Oreal

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Category: Animal Rights

Called by: Cruelty Free International

The Gateway to Hell campaign is calling a boycott of Mauritius over its complicity in the live export of primates.




Merlin - Sea Life Centres


Category: Animal Rights

Called by: Captive Animals' Protection Society

The Sea Lies campaign is calling for a boycott of all Merlin Entertainment brands (Sea Life centres; Alton Towers; Legoland etc) due to their treatment of captive animals in their aquariums.






Category: Arms & Military Supply, Political

Called by: New York Campaign for the Boycott of Israel

The New York Campaign for the Boycott of Israel has called for a boycott of Motorola over the firm's business dealings with the Israel Defense Forces.

Detailed Company Profile (subscribers only): Motorola Inc

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Category: Irresponsible Marketing

Called by: Baby Milk Action

Baby Milk Action has called a boycott of Nestle for its irresponsible marketing of baby milk formula which infringes the International Code of Marketing of Breast milk Substitutes. Also criticised for use of Palm Oil and not labelling GM ingredients.

Boycott Profile Page: Nestlé

Detailed Company Profile (subscribers only): Nestlé SA, Nestlé UK Ltd, General Mills Inc

Company Profile (free to view):Nestlé

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Category: Animal rights

Called by: Save The Kangeroo

Nike is subject to a boycott call for its use of Kangaroo leather. Campaigners say that "the methods in which this skin is obtained however are extremely cruel and involve killing both pregnant mothers and babies in disturbing manners."

Company profile (free to view): Nike

Detailed Company Profile (subscribers only): Nike

Related Product Guides: Trainers, Sportswear




Category: Animal rights

Called by: Viva

Nikon is subject to a boycott call from campaign group Viva! over its promotion of blood sports. Viva! have accused the company of hypocrisy for promoting cameras to wildlife photographers while at the same time selling sights for hunting rifles.

Detailed Company Profile (subscribers only): Nikon

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Nokia Siemens


Category: Arms & Military Supply, Human Rights

Called by: Boycott Nokia Siemens

The company provided the Iranian regime with a "monitoring center" that enables security forces to tap cell phones, scramble text-messages, and interrupt calls. Nokia's new surveillance system has enhanced the regime's ability to crack down on dissent during recent protests. See the pledge page for information.

Detailed Company Profile (subscribers only): Nestlé SA, Nestlé UK Ltd, General Mills Inc

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Picturehouse Cinemas


Catrgory: Workers Rights

Called by: Piturehouse staff

This boycott was called in 2017 over the company's refusal to negotiate with staff over demands for a living wage. Negotiations have since started but the company is still refusing to pay the living wage. Strike action was ongoing as of January 2018.





Category: Human Rights

Called by: MOSOP-UK and Essential Action

Boycotts of Shell over their activities in the Niger Delta.

Detailed Company Profile (subscribers only): Royal Dutch Shell

Related Product Guides: Petrol & Diesel


South Korea

Category: Animal Rights

Called by: Korean Dogs 

Korean Dogs has launched a campaign against South Korea because the country “has the world’s 14th largest economy and is home to global brands such as Samsung, Hyundai, Kia, LG, SK, and Daewoo. Yet this is also a country where an estimated 2.5 million dogs and thousands of cats are slaughtered and eaten each year”.




Category: Workers Rights

Called by: American Postal Workers Union

The American Postal Workers Union has called a boycott of Staples following deal between the company and the post office which saw Staples open post office branches in its stores. The union argues that these post offices are staffed by lower paid workers with frew rights than colleagues doing the same jobs in traditional post offices.





Category: Worker Rights

Called by: Organic Consumer's Association

Starbucks is under a boycott call from the US Organic Consumer's Association over its treatment of Ethiopian coffee farmers. Also heavily criticised by Ethical Consumer over corporate tax avoidance.

Detailed Company Profile (subscribers only): Starbucks Corporation

Company Profile (free to view):Starbucks

Related Product Guides: Coffee Shops







Category: Environment

Called by: Environmental Investigation Agency

This company is on the list for refusing to provide evidence to prove the legal source of their merbau flooring. Without guarantees of the wood's origin, it's likely that merbau wood flooring could have come from Indonesia's last remaining rainforests.

Related Product Guides: Carpet & Flooring




Tate and Lyle


Category: Human rights

Called by: Clean Sugar Campaign

Human rights campaigners in Asia are calling for a boycott of sugar company Tate & Lyle over land rights abuses in Cambodia. Activists say that sugar produced on land confiscated by the Cambodian government and handed over to plantation owners is being sold by Tate & Lyle in the UK, Europe and US.

Detailed Company Profile (subscribers only): Tate and Lyle

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Donald Trump

Category: Politics

Called by: Ethical Consumer and Grab Your Wallet

Both Ethical Consumer and Grab Your Wallet have called a boycott of Trump and those companies that are supporting him over his regressive policies on climate change and his attitude to equality and discrimination issues.

Read more: Boycott Trump special report >






Category: Human Rights
Called by: Coalition of Immokalee Workers'

The boycott was called after Wendy's refused to join the Fair Food Program (FFP). The FFO is a social responsibility program that addresses decades-old farm labour abuses. All Wendy's major competitors such as McDonalds, Burger King, Subway and Taco Bell have signed up. 

Those that sign up agree to purchase exclusively from suppliers meeting the code of conduct including a zero-tolerance policy for slavery and sexual harassment. 




West Country Dairy products


Category: Animal Rights

Called by: RSPCA

RSPCA chief executive called for a boycott of dairy produce from Gloucestershire and Somerset, the areas where a badger cull will begin.


Read all about our campaign against the Badger Cull.  





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