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Christmas Gift Subscription

A subscription to Ethical Consumer lasts all year long and beyond…

The perfect ethical Christmas gift in a cost of living crisis.

Times are tough for everyone at the moment both here in the UK and the rest of the world.

A subscription to Ethical Consumer offers a wealth of information to help inspire readers to make ethical and thrifty choices that have a positive impact on people, animals and the environment.

Help your friends and family revolutionise the way they shop, save, and live in 2023 with a gift subscription to Ethical Consumer.

An annual subscription includes:

  • 6 issues of Ethical Consumer Magazine in print and/or digital format.
  • 12 months full access to all Shopping Guides and Company Profiles.
  • Special discount offers from selected Best Buy companies.
  • Digital versions of our back issues from 2015 to present day.


  • Every gift subscription also includes sponsorship of an organic olive sapling in Palestine, through the Palestinian Fair Trade Association. Your gift recipient will receive a certificate of sponsorship.

Sponsor an Organic Olive Tree

In 2021, solidarity organisations, like Ethical Consumer, raised funds for a total of more than 37,800 seedlings to be distributed to more than 350 farmers in over 30 villages in the West Bank.

The Trees for Life Committee targets young families, starter farmers, small farmers, women farmers and farmers who have recently cultivated lands that have been impacted by the Israeli wall or have been subject to field or tree destruction by the Israeli military.

During the 2020-21 planting season, our gift subscriptions resulted in 735 organic saplings being distributed throughout the West Bank.

Why do we need the Trees for Life programme?

Over the last decade, some Palestinian farmers have been left with nothing as their crops have been demolished and their land taken for Israeli settlements. Young and small farmers have found it particularly difficult to establish and expand their land.

The Trees for Life programme helps to establish a relationship between Palestinian farmers and the fair trade movement. Grassroots solidarity organisations around the world have raised funds for the purchase of thousands of seedlings.

Since the programme started in 2016, the number of farmers participating has significantly grown from 129 in the first year, to 257 in 2018. A total of 3,154 farmers have benefited from the programme over the years.

planting an olive tree

Everything else you need to know

The lucky recipient of your gift subscription will be able to access the website (and digital copies of the magazine) as soon as you send them the activation email (you can choose to wait until closer to Christmas if you wish).

We will take payment when you order, but you can cancel by phone or email within 30 days for a full no-questions-asked refund.

At this time of year we assume that your gift is for Christmas. If the gift subscription is NOT a Christmas present please let us know in the Notes field of the 'Review Your Order' page.

Print gift subscriptions will start with the Jan/Feb 2023 issue. We will send this as soon as possible but it may not be in time for Christmas due to strike disruption. However they will be able to access digital copies as soon as you send them the activation email. Let us know in the Notes field when you reach the 'Review Your Order' page  if you would like us to do something different.