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Christmas Gift Subscription

xmas gift sub ecra

A subscription to Ethical Consumer lasts all year long. It's the perfect ethical Christmas gift.

Help your friends or family in the way they shop, save, and live in 2024. Your gift provides a wealth of information to make ethical and thrifty choices that have a positive impact on people, animals and the environment.


  • 6 issues of Ethical Consumer Magazine in print and/or digital format
  • 12 months full access to all Shopping Guides and Company Profiles
  • Special discount offers from selected Best Buy companies
  • Digital versions of our back issues from 2015 to present day

Plus.. every gift subscription includes sponsorship of an organic olive sapling in Palestine, through the Palestinian Fair Trade Association. 

Your gift recipient will receive a certificate of sponsorship.


Christmas Subscription dates

The lucky recipient of your gift subscription will be able to access the website (and digital copies of the magazine) as soon as you send them the activation email (you can choose to wait until closer to Christmas if you wish).

For Print gift subscriptions, the January/February 2024 issue will be sent to the gift recipient from the 15th December. 

Please use the Notes field on the 'Review Your Order' page if you would like us to do something different, such as having the first magazine delivered to your own address. 


Olive Tree Sponsorship

The Trees for Life programme helps to establish a relationship between over 5,500 Palestinian farmers and the fair trade movement. 

Solidarity organisations like Ethical Consumer raise funds for seedlings that are distributed to farmers in villages in the West Bank.

It targets young families, starter farmers, small farmers, women farmers and farmers who have been impacted by the Israeli wall, or field or tree destruction by the Israeli military.

During the 2023 planting season another 41,457 organic saplings were distributed, bringing the total so far to 343,373 trees. 


What people say about Ethical Consumer

I trust Ethical Consumer more than any other news source. I also believe that not buying stuff from unethical producers is an effective action for change.

Mark Rylance is an Ethical Consumer subscriber
Mark Rylance, actor and director

My Ethical Consumer membership was some of the best money I ever spent. I consult your site before I buy almost anything, and it's wonderfully useful for those of us looking for trustworthy information on Ethical purchasing.

Jacob Heringman, subscriber

Essential reading for everyone that believes in democracy and citizen power as a way to create a truly sustainable society.

pphoto: Charles Secrett
Charles Secrett, former Executive Director, Friends of the Earth

I've subscribed to Ethical Consumer for about a year now.  I just want to say well done and keep up the good work, to you and your team. Ethical consumption is such a confusing area for a lay person like me, and your magazine helps me to frame the issues and make up my mind, based on the information available. Thank you.

Ali, subscriber

A mind-boggling thoroughness and integrity that makes everyone else look like a Charlatan.

photo: Lucy Seigle
Lucy Siegle, Guardian / BBC journalist

I have been a subscriber for about 18 months now, and just wanted to say how good the banking report was. It really is a very good way of opening our eyes to what is going on and I have been able to use it effectively when trying to create changes in people's attitudes.

Phil Whiting, subscriber

Ethical Consumer magazine is one of the most addictive and important magazines I've ever read. They're opening my eyes to so many more problems and solutions to building a better world. Subscribe!

photo: Pippa Moyle
Pippa Moyle, Founder of City Girl Network

I want you to know that I use Ethical Consumer website prior to all of my purchases and find it incredibly useful in steering me away from global companies who disregard human decency, animal welfare and environmental safeguarding. I understand due to the incredible complexities of this current global economic system that unpicking the web of dirty economic dealings is incredibly difficult but let me assure you that your efforts are greatly appreciated!

Ross Lane, subscriber

A real inspiration and a helpful guide to an increasingly complex world!

Mrs Barker, subscriber

About subscriptions

About Subscriptions

Our mission is to help consumers make informed ethical choices, support campaigners challenging corporate power, enable progressive businesses and charities to check their supply chains, and drive corporates to improve their behaviour.

We have achieved a lot since 1989, and with your help we can do much more.

Each subscription not only gives you unique, trusted and independent information. It also helps to fund our campaigns and other work, such as the Fair Tax Mark.

As a subscriber, you can also become a member of Ethical Consumer, a completely independent not-for-profit co-operative at the heart of the ethical consumer movement.

When you buy a subscription and we take the payment when you order.

If you don't want to continue with it you can cancel any time within the first 30 days to receive a full refund.

To cancel just telephone us during office hours on 0161 226 2929 or email

Outside of the United Kingdom, you will receive exactly the same subscription.

The only difference is that if you choose a Print subscription it will cost more, owing to the cost of sending you the print copy by Airmail. 

Digital Only subscription = £34.50

Print Magazine + Digital subscription to any address worldwide = £45.95

NB: Print magazine subscription deliveries after July 2021 to EU countries may be subject to local delivery tax charges due to Brexit. Sorry.