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Have yourself an ethical Christmas

Here at Ethical Consumer we believe in sharing the ethical Christmas spirit, providing information on everything from where to shop on the high street to individual products from Best Buy Label companies.

Plus you can use our Alternatives to Amazon guides to ditch the online giant once and for all. 

The ultimate guide to an ethical Christmas

Shopping ethically can be tough at the best times, never mind with the pressure and rush around Christmas. We list our gift ideas from our Best Buy ethical companies. 

Emma Oddie shows how you can have a low impact Christmas, with all the – much needed – fun included.

Check Out the Ethical Christmas Gift Guide

10 reasons to avoid Amazon this Christmas

We list 10 reasons to avoid the company this Christmas and beyond - from ongoing abuses of its workers to the sale of tech to fossil fuel companies and Trump’s immigration enforcement.

They may seem like Santa but they're much more like Scrooge. Here's why...

Ten reasons to avoid Amazon this Christmas

Shopping without Amazon

We have designed a number of guides detailing alternative ethical retailers to help you boycott Amazon this Christmas (and beyond). This series features booksellers, online retailers and streaming services. 

Boycott Amazon This Christmas

Christmas Gift Subscriptions

A subscription to Ethical Consumer lasts all year long and beyond…

The perfect ethical Christmas gift in a cost of living crisis.

Discover more about Christmas gift subscriptions

How to eat ethically this Christmas

Food is a key part of Christmas celebrations for most of us. Here, we give our tips on how to eat ethically this Christmas - from where to shop and what to give, to how to keep it palm oil free.

How to eat ethically this Christmas

Palm Oil Guide to Christmas Food

Our essential palm oil free guide to help those boycotting palm oil or only buying sustainable palm oil this Christmas. 

Guide To Palm Oil-free Christmas Food

Ethical Shopping Guide to Mince Pies

Our new guide to mince pies ranks 18 brands from the biggest names in the market to supermarket own-brands and independent brands.

Organic? Palm oil free? Vegan? There's much for an ethical consumer to consider when choosing which mince pies to buy. 

Ethical Shopping Guide to Mince Pies

Top 5 High Street Shops

If you want to shop on the high street this Christmas we recommend the top 5 mainstream ethical shops. These well-known shops are staples on the high street, and while they may not compete with some of our highly-rated Best Buy products, they are showing positive steps when it comes to ethics. 

See our Top 5 Ethical High Street Shops

Amazon-free Gift Vouchers

Amazon vouchers are many organisations' go-to survey participation reward and an easy stocking filler at Christmas. 

But what can you do if you want to give a gift voucher and avoid Amazon? 

Read more about alternatives to Amazon vouchers.

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