Palm Oil Free Guide to Christmas Food

Our essential palm oil free guide to help those boycotting palm oil or only buying sustainable palm oil this Christmas 

This Christmas, you can buy your Christmas food shopping, mince pies, boxes of chocolates and biscuits from companies that only use sustainable palm oil. Or you could choose to boycott palm oil and buy palm oil free products. 

We've put together a list of companies which receive our best rating for palm oil, either for being a palm oil free company or for using best practices in their sourcing.

For example, a company must have all of the possible palm products (palm oil, palm kernel oil, palm oil derivatives) used in its global supply chain certified by the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO) plus something extra like full disclosure of volumes, suppliers, or traceability to the mill. Or else a high proportion certified and even more other positive initiatives.

The higher proportion of palm sourced from 'segregated' supply chains, the easier it is for a company to achieve our best rating.

Another way companies can demonstrate engagement on this issue is by sourcing palm oil that is certified as organic.

For all of the best-rated companies, we list their individual products that are palm oil free.

See our full list of palm-oil free products


Palm oil free Mince Pies

Palm oil is often used in the vegetable suet in the mincemeat. All the palm oil free mince pies listed below are organic, apart from Iceland's. Additionally, Artisan Bread and Authentic Bread make mince pies that are vegan, organic and palm oil free .

Company Palm Oil Free Products
Artisan Bread Company Organic, Vegan and Gluten-free Mince Pies. You can buy them from the Artisan Bread Organic website. 
Authentic Bread Company  Organic Mince PiesOrganic & Vegan Gluten-less Mince Pies
Roots & Wings  Organic Mince Pies, Organic Mini Mince Pies 
Abel & Cole (made by Authentic Bread Company) Mini Organic Mince Pies, Luxury Organic Mince Pies
Riverford (made by Authentic Bread Company)  Organic Mince Pies, Organic & Vegan Mince Pies.
Famous Hedgehog Bakery  Frangipane organic mini mince pies 
Artysan Artysan by Organico Organic 9 Mini Mince Pies
Waitrose & Partners  Duchy Organic Butter Pastry Mince PiesNo.1 12 Mini All Butter Mince PiesNo.1 All Butter Mince Pies
Iceland all Iceland own brand mince pies

Make your own mince pies

You could make your own mince pies using palm oil free mincemeat.

Authentic Bread Co, Infinity Foods and Meridian all sell jars of organic, vegan, suet-free mincemeat.

Or you could make your own mincemeat without suet.

Mince pies with sustainable palm oil

The following companies get our best rating for their palm oil policy and sell mince pies containing RSPO certified sustainable or organic palm oil:

  • Walkers, RSPO certified
  • Waitrose, RSPO certified
  • M&S, RSPO certified


Christmas Puddings

 Company   Palm Oil Free 
Riverford Organic 

Organic Christmas Pudding, Organic & Vegan Christmas Pudding. Buy from Riverford Organics.  

Infinity Foods Organic Vegan & gluten free Christmas Pudding.
Roots and Wings Organic Christmas Puddings and Organic & gluten free Christmas puddings. Buy from Roots and Wings website. 
Abel & Cole  Organic Luxury Christmas Puddings 
Kite Wholefoods  Vegan Christmas Plum Pudding. Buy from your local wholefood shop. 
Foods of Athenry  Very Merry Christmas Gluten-free Pudding. Buy from its online shop
Iceland  All own brand Christmas puddings which are all vegan too

Christmas Pudding with sustainable palm oil

The following companies get our best rating for their palm oil policy and sell Christmas puddings containing RSPO certified sustainable or organic palm oil:

  • Walkers, RSPO certified
  • Waitrose, RSPO certified
  • M&S, RSPO certified
  • Authentic Bread Company, Organic palm oil used in its Luxury Vegan Christmas Puddings 



The biscuits most likely to be palm oil free are those that are 'all butter' or the more expensive 'cookies'.


 Palm Oil Free Products
Island Bakery All biscuits, buy from Planet Organic*
Traidcraft Chocolate Chunk & Sour Cherry Shortbread, Double Chocolate Chunk & Raspberry Shortbread, Half-coated Chocolate Shortbread Finger, Geobakes All Butter Shortbread Biscuits
Bahlsen Choco Leibniz Milk, Dark and Orange Chocolate; Leibniz Butter; Zoo Original; Choco Moments Crunchy Hazlenut, Buy online from Waitrose*
Walkers All plain shortbread. Plus All Butter Sultana, Gingerbread Man Tin, Gingerbread House Tin, Mini Belgian Choc Chip, Oat Shortbread
Mrs Crimbles Classic Madeleines, Chocolate Madeleines, Jam Coconut Rings, Coconut Macaroons
Paterson's All shortbread and oatcakes.

All Waitrose No.1 biscuits. All Waitrose Duchy Organic biscuits. All 'all butter' shortbread.

Plus: Christmas Gingerbread Star Tree, Christmas Jammy Shortbread, Lebkuchen, Dark chocolate all butter biscuits, Milk chocolate all butter biscuits, Viennese vanilla swirls, All Butter almond Viennese swirls, All butter vanilla Viennese swirls, All butter Chocolate Viennese sandwich fingers, Vanilla Viennese sandwich fingers, Chocolate Chip shortbread, Stem Ginger Shortbread, Belgian Double Chocolate Cookies, Mini oat biscuits. Buy online from Waitrose*

M&S  All varieties of ‘All Butter Cookies’. All shortbread.

Biscuits containing sustainable palm oil

The following companies get our best rating for their palm oil policy and sell biscuits containing RSPO certified sustainable, Fairtrade or organic palm oil:

  • Against the Grain, use organic palm oil. All biscuits vegan and gluten free
  • Doves Farm, use organic palm oil. All biscuits in organic and vegan
  • Waitrose, RSPO certified  
  • Traidcraft, use FairPalm (its own fairly traded palm oil)
  • Bahlsen, RSPO certified
  • Walkers, RSPO certified
  • M&S, RSPO certified
  • Waitrose, RSPO certified
  • Mrs Crimble's, RSPO certified
  • Fox's, RSPO certified
  • Burton's Biscuits (Jammie Dodgers, Lyons, Maryland, The Edinburgh Bakery, Viscount, Wagon Wheels), RSPO certified

See our biscuits product guide to see how the companies compare on their overall corporate responsibility. 


Chocolate and gift chocolates

Company Palm Oil Free Products
Divine all chocolate (all Fairtrade too). Buy from Ethical Shop
Booja Booja all chocolate (all organic and vegan too) Buy from Waitrose*
Cocoa Loco all chocolate (all Fairtrade & organic too) Go to their online shop
Vego all chocolate. All vegan, organic and Fairtrade too. Buy from Planet Organic*
Montezuma all chocolate Go to their online shop
Seed & Bean all chocolate (all organic too)  Buy from their online shop

Chocolat Madagascar 

all chocolate (all fair trade)


all chocolate (all vegan and organic too). Buy from Planet Organic*


all chocolate (all vegan too), Buy from their website

Moo Free

all chocolate (all vegan and organic too). 

The Raw Chocolate Company

all chocolate (all vegan too). Buy from Planet Organic*


all chocolate (all vegan too). Buy from their website
Vivani most chocolate is palm oil free except Espresso Biscotti, Kids’ Choc Creamy Milk and Milky Creme bars. Buy from Planet Organic*
Biona chocolate covered raisins, hazlenuts, brazils, banana chips and almonds. Buy from Planet Organic*

All Fairtrade chocolate bars (except Dark chocolate with peppermint filling)

Christmas Praline Covered Hazelnuts, Christmas Dark & Gold Brazils, Christmas Tipple Truffle Trio, Christmas Gianduiotti, Festive Trio of Chocolate Avocados, Christmas Dark Chocolate Orangettes, Christmas Dark Chocolate Mint Neapolitans, Christmas Orange Chocolate Neapolitans, Christmas Minty Chocolate Igloos, Christmas Dark Chocolate Rose Turkish Delight,

No.1 Chocolate Truffles, Chocolate Pyramids, Chocolate Chest of Drawers, Rose & Violet Creams, Fruit & Floral Creams, Dessert Collection, Sweet Treats, Swiss Neapolitans Chocolate, Chocolate coated raisins, chocolate coated peanuts, Dark chocolate ginger, Dark chocolate brazils, Salted Caramel Chocolate Buttons, Milk Chocolate Covered Honeycomb, Heston from Waitrose Chocolate Mixology Collection, Dark Chocolate Raspberry Mallows, Mint Creams, Mint Thins, After Dinner Collection, Italian Gianduiotti Box

Zesty Orange Chocolate Round, Minty Muddle Chocolate Round, Caramel Crunch Chocolate Round, Totally Chocolatey Chocolate Round

Buy from the Waitrose website*. 

Chocolate containing sustainable palm oil

The following companies get our best rating for their palm oil policy and sell some chocolate that contains RSPO certified sustainable or organic palm oil:

  • Biona, organic certified palm oil
  • Vivani, organic palm oil in Espresso Biscotti, Kids’ Choc Creamy Milk and Milky Creme bars
  • Waitrose, RSPO certified
  • M&S, RSPO certified

Read our ethical shopping guide chocolate for companies' overall rating for corporate responsibility.


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