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Why Boycott Superdrug?



BP and Hutichison Whampoa have announced that they will go ahead with the Sunrise Project. This will be BP's first big Tar Sands extraction venture, which will pump out a planet-destroying 3 billion barrels of oil, whilst polluting the local environment against the wishes of First Nations, shareholders and environmentalists.

Proof, campaigners say, that BP has learned nothing from the Deepwater Horizon disaster but remains "committed to a business model that disregards human health and safety." It will be another four years before the first drop of oil flows from Sunrise. Therefore the campaign against BP and its partners continues including Superdrug owners and their subsidiaries.


Superdrug and the Sunrise Tar Sands Project


A boycott of Superdrug will put pressure on one of the companies at the centre of the tar sands catastrophe to halt the disastrous 'Sunrise' development.

Superdrug is owned by Hong Kong based company Hutchison Whampoa,  a huge company with a turnover of around £31,034.9 million per year. It has fingers in numerous pies including retail, ports, energy, telecommunications and infrastructure. It has operations in 55 countries across the globe.

Hutchison Whampoa also owns Husky Energy Ltd (and mobile phone network operator 3).

Husky Energy holds over 510,890 acres of tar sands leases and in 2007 signed an initial agreement with BP for a 50/50 partnership to develop the 'Sunrise' tar sands project.

If all of the permits for extraction that have already been granted by the Canadian government were fulfilled, we will see a hike in atmospheric carbon dioxide (CO2) levels that would push us beyond a catastrophic 'tipping point'. 

Locally, the impact on both the environment and the First Nation people of Canada is similarly disastrous.

The 'Sunrise' is now colmpleted but the campaign to halt extraction continues.


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How You Can Take Action Now


1 - Boycott Superdrug

Don't buy anything from Superdrug stores.


2 - Let them know you are boycotting them and why. 

Here is a sample letter and contact details. It will be most effective if you write in your own words, rather than just copying the whole letter!


Dear Sir/Madam,

I am writing to
inform you that I will no longer be purchasing products from Superdrug because of the activities of your sister company, Husky Energy, in the Alberta region of Canada, specifically in relation to the extraction of 'unconventional' oil.

The levels of carbon dioxide that will be released into the atmosphere as a result of exploiting this reserve will hasten the onset of climate change and is likely to push it beyond a catastrophic 'tipping point', after which we will experience irreversible changes to the climate and a new global mass extinction event. 

Not only is the pursuit of these reserves environmentally disastrous, it is also economically extremely risky.  In the coming years we can expect more regulation of carbon intensive activities, we cannot count on the high price of oil, and there is no guarantee that the infrastructure or inputs will be available to provide the extremely capital intensive requirements of the oil sands in Alberta. 

I urge you to consider very deeply the implications of actions, in the hope that your company is able to see beyond short term profits and recognise your responsibility to future generations.

Yours faithfully,  


Contact Details

Email: (AS Watson is Superdrug's immediate parent company)

Postal Address: Superdrug Stores Plc, 118 Beddington Lane, Croydon, London, CR0 4TB.

Telephone: +44-20-8684-7000

(Please forward a copy of the email or letter you send and any responses you receive to us at: campaigns[at] or Unit 21, 41 Old Birley Street, Manchester, M15 5RF)

Superdrug Boycott