We provide insight, ideas and expertise on a broad range of ethical issues in consumer markets.

Our research and analysis helps organisations understand, reach and campaign with their stakeholders to make meaningful interventions into consumer markets to drive positive social and environmental change.

Why work with us?

Our member-led, independent co-operative has over 25 years experience of offering flexible and creative solutions to businesses and NGO's, specialising in consumer engagement and best practice in ethical markets.

We provide advice on what corporate responsibility and consumer campaigning look like from the cutting edge of ethical consumerism, offering unrivalled insight into ethical markets.

This work can help organisations manage risk, get ahead of the curve on sustainability issues and work with consumers to have real impact.

As the publishers of the annual Ethical Consumer Markets Report and a consumer-facing magazine, Ethical Consumer, we hold a unique position for researching and analysing ethical markets, ethical consumption trends and corporate behaviour.

Former and current clients include:


research and consultancy clients

What we offer

Our highly qualified and dedicated researchers offer bespoke solutions at competitive rates in a number of key areas.

For businesses who want to do the right thing we offer:

  • Competitor ethical benchmarking - Easily see how your company is doing compared to your competitors with a bespoke ranking that tracks your policy initiatives alongside your competitors.
  • Ethical market analysis - Tap into our knowledge of ethical consumer markets with trends and data.
  • Creative thinking - For companies who want to campaign or create social and environmental change, we can help you decide what and how.
  • Help in building better ethical supply chains - Including supplier screenings and auditing in areas where there are no MSI standards
  • General ethical policy development - We can offer advice on strategic planning, stakeholder engagement, ethical policy audits and more advise on improving your ethical ranking on our unique product guide tables.

For campaigns who need quality, independent research to power their interventions we offer:

  • Bespoke company ratings and rankings - We can help provide detailed, easy-to-understand information on corporate behaviour to your members.
  • Donor, foundation and supplier screenings for charities and NGO's - More on screenings and our free guide to ethical sponsorship >
  • Ethical policy development - From internal purchasing to your treasury management and investments we can help ensure your charity is as ethical as your members would expect it to be.

We also have the skills to provide a complete package from creative thinking, to research, to project management and copy writing.