Fair Tax Mark supporters, welcome to Ethical Consumer

In 2014 we joined forces with Tax Research UK to launch Fair Tax Mark as part of our Tax Justice Campaign. 

Tax avoidance is a huge issue for society, especially during a time of cuts to our public services. 

At Ethical Consumer we have long included company tax avoidance in our product guides and company ratings system, and have been campaigning directly on the issue since 2012.

Along side our work on the Fair Tax Mark we are also currently spearheading the boycott Amazon campaign (including our popular Amazon alternatives guides).

Below you can find some of our unique product guides that you may be interested in and information on a special Fair Tax Mark supporters subscription.

Buying Books

As part of our Boycott Amazon campaign, we look at how we can challenge the retail Goliath when buying books.

There are plenty of ethical choices in the market, from second hand charity shops to online booksellers doing things differently. 

Our guide to booksellers

Buying Online

As part of our Boycott Amazon campaign, we look at 25 ethical online retailers.

This report, and the companies featured in it, were chosen by our readers.

Our guide to ethical online retailers

Boycott Amazon

We have called a boycott of Amazon over its outrageous tax avoidance.

In 2016, Amazon's UK subsidiary (Amazon UK Services) paid £7.4m in corporate taxes on sales of £1.5bn. This was a drop in the amount paid from £15.8 million the year before.

Boycott Amazon

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