Organic Certified Beauty Products

We list 68 certified brands covering 9 beauty products.

New research published in April to support the Soil Association’s Campaign for Clarity – which aims to clean up greenwashing in the beauty industry, found that many brands use the word ‘organic’ on labels when their products are not certified as such.

Unlike organic food, which must adhere to strict EU regulations, there are no legal standards for the use of the terms organic or natural on beauty products.

In practice, any brand or beauty product can be labelled as natural or organic even if it contains virtually no organic or natural ingredients. It may be labelled as ‘organic’ but include ingredients banned under organic standards. 

Faced with this lack of legislation, expert organisations have created a series of robust, independent, voluntary standards to encourage responsible use of the term “organic”.

The Soil Association, Cosmos and NaTrue are well-known organic certification standards, with the NSF-ANSI and USDA standards from the US also appearing on some products on the UK high street. Plus there are the European certifications, Ecocert and BDIH.

In February, we published 9 guides to beauty products and listed the organic certified brands. We give certified organic products an extra plus point on our score tables.

Image: Ethical Cosmetic Labelling Organic

As 15th - 21st May is the Soil Association’s Organic Beauty & Wellbeing Week, a celebration of brands that are certified, we have put together a list of the organic certified brands that were covered in our recent beauty guides.

Toothpaste – Green People, Logodent, Sante, Urtekram, Lavera

Make-up – Odylique, Green People, Neal’s Yard, Dr Hauschka, Logona, Sante, Lavera

Shampoo – Odylique, Green People, Bentley Organics, Neal’s Yard, Logona, Sante, Weleda, Urtekram, Lavera,  Avalon Organics

Soap (liquid hand wash and bars) –  Odylique, Green People, Bentley Organics, Neal’s Yard, Logona, Sante, Weleda, Urtekram, Lavera,  Avalon Organics

Shower gel –  Odylique, Green People, Bentley Organics, Sabai Soaps, Neal’s Yard, Urtekram, Lavera,  Avalon Organics

Skincare – Avalon Organics, Badger, Bentley Organics, Dr Hauschka, Green People, Lavera, Logona, Neal’s Yard, Odylique, Sante, Urterkam 

Shaving – Avalon Organics, Badger, Green People, Lavera, Logona, Sante 

Deodorant – Green People, Dr Hauschka, Logona, Sante, Urtekram, Lavera 

Sunscreens – Odylique, Green People, Neal’s Yard, Badger, Lavera

For more information see our individual beauty guides. 

To see more about the certification standards, see our feature in our special report into the Cosmetics sector. 

The Soil Association is urging people to call on the brands to truly #ComeCleanAboutBeauty and use the terms organic or natural responsibly or not at all. Sign the Soil Association petition

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