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Q&A: Ethical Wares

Leading vegan footwear company, Ethical WARES shares its story 


Tell us a bit about your business

Ethical WARES is a leading animal friendly company which has been running for over 23 years now. Best known for our extensive range of quality Vegan Footwear, we also sell lifestyle accessories (non-leather belts, cosmetics, bags, chocolates, etc), fair trade apparel and Tibetan handicrafts.

We try, through the goods that we sell, to play our part in making the world a fairer and kinder place for all its inhabitants.


Why do you think you received our Best Buy Label?

Not really for us to say, but we were the first footwear supplier to receive your Best Buy Label – so you must have thought we were doing something right!

If you had to sum up the ethos of Ethical Wares in one sentence, what would it be?

Animal rights, human rights, one struggle, one fight.

What sets you apart from other ethical retailers?

We try to link the vegan principles that underpin ethical WARES with a wider appreciation of other issues.  We line up veganism, with Fair Trade issues, political campaigns, movements for social justice and of course animal rights.  They all gel together to us and seem inextricably linked.


We would like to think that ethical WARES reflects this.

And, we’re into the practical animal rights stuff as well. We have over 40 rescued animals living with us on our small holding in the heart of West Wales.


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Do you think there is growing demand for vegan products? If so, why?

I think there is. In our field, when we first started there were only a very few vegan companies generally, let alone vegan footwear ones.  There are now lots more that have come aboard – some have already come and gone! We like to see it as an encouraging shift with more people thinking about what they are eating and wearing and the wider effect that has on the world around us.

Where can consumers find your products?

They are more than welcome to shop online with us at

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