Q&A: Know the Origin

We spoke to Know the Origin, leading sustainable fashion brand, in their pop-up shop in Manchester. We spoke to Charlotte about getting our best buy label, her favourite Know the Origin item, transparency in the fashion industry and her advice on shopping on a budget. 

"I guess you can be transparent but not ethical. As in you can publish your supply list, but if you are still making stuff in factories that aren't paying people the minimum wage, that don't have independent trade unions, that's not okay."

"At Know The Origin, we pride ourselves in being the most transparent, right down to pictures and images of that product being made in the factory, then listing all of our supply chain, so the farms, ginners, the spinners we work with, the knitters, the dyers. We work with a zero waste dyeing unit in India, and just always look for producers that are doing things differently a share our values."

See the full interview in the video below. 

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