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10 Ethical Clothing Companies

For our clothing guides we researched over 80 different brands, over a quarter of which were ethical clothing brands. As there are so many ethical fashion brands to choose from, here we highlight just some of the brands that feature in our guides to ethical clothing, jeans, t-shirts and sportswear. 

These are ten of the top ethical clothing brands according to our in-depth rating system. They are best buys in our clothing guides.

For a full list of 27 ethical clothing brands, head over to our shopping guide on ethical clothing brands or our full A-Z ‘who’s who’ feature to find out more about these companies and their commitment to ethics and sustainability.

1. MUD Jeans

image: mud jeans denim skirt sustainable fashion ethical

Ethical score: 15

Clothing type: Jeans, shorts, skirts, shirts, t-shirts and jackets for adults. Made from organic cotton, recycled cotton and Tencel.

Why shop here: Most of MUD’s jeans use 60% GOTS certified organic cotton and 40% post-consumer recycled cotton. It also leases jeans and its website stated that jeans came with a free repairs service for one year. MUD is a registered B-Corporation and receives a positive company ethos mark for this, along with half marks for its leasing and free repairs service and use of environmental alternatives.

View our full Company Profile for MUD

2. SUstainable

Dark coloured hoodie and pink coloured sweatshirt

Ethical score: 14.5

Clothing type: Sweaters, hoodies and school uniforms, for companies, charities, universities, for children and adults.

Why shop here: SU-stainable Clothes only uses cotton that is both Fairtrade certified and GOTS Organic certified. It works mainly with factories in India, where the cotton comes from, with full traceability, and its factories are signed up to Fairtrade Minimum Standards and have their own Ethical Trading Pledges. Waste elements from production are reused in tags and packaging materials. As the company only produced Fairtrade and Organic products it was awarded a positive Company Ethos mark.

View our full company profile for SUstainable Clothes.

3. Monkee Genes

Woman wearing jeans and a sweatshirt

Ethical score: 14.5

Clothing type: Jeans, trousers and tops for women and men.

Why shop here: Monkee Genes is based in Scotland but retailed around the UK and Europe, in shops and online. The jeans are made from recycled fabric from old jeans, in ethical factories across India, Indonesia, Pakistan and Turkey. It only uses GOTS certified organic cotton, a significant amount of which is also Fairtrade certified. They received a positive Company Ethos mark for explicitly stating all products are vegan, and half a company ethos mark as its products mainly use environmental alternatives for their materials.

View our full Company Profile for Monkee Genes.

4. Where Does It Come From?

image: where does it come from

Ethical score: 14.5

Clothing type: Shirts and tunics for children and adults, plus scarves.

Why shop here: Where Does It Come From earns a positive company ethos mark for being a fairtrade company, and as the name suggests, full traceability of the clothes is the unique selling point of this brand. The label in the clothes has a code which you can use to trace the full supply chain of the product, as far back to the cotton growing in the field. It uses organic cotton (and implies that all of its cotton is organic, but doesn’t clearly state this, so some might not). It also uses bamboo, peace silk and hemp, and has stopped using plastic buttons.

View our full Company Profile for Where Does It Come From?


5. Beyond Retro

image: beyond retro

Ethical score: 14

Clothing type: Full range of vintage and upcycled second hand clothes for adults including jeans, t-shirts and sportswear.

Why shop here: Beyond Retro is the highest scoring second hand clothing option in our guide to ethical clothing brands. It began in 2002 and sells second hand and retro clothing, and also has its own clothing label, reusing old clothes to design and make new ones.

It scored a middle rating for animal rights as it sells clothing made from animals including leather, silk and wool. As these are reclaimed (second hand), they are not directly contributing to animal exploitation unlike buying new items of these materials. It scores half a positive mark under company ethos for providing an environmental alternative being second hand.

View our full Company Profile for Beyond Retro.

6. Lucy & Yak

Two women wearing dungarees

Ethical score: 13.5

Clothing type: Full range of clothing for adults, specialising in dungarees.

Why shop here: Started by Lucy in a van called Yak, everything is handmade, and the brand only uses GOTS certified organic cotton (except one supplier which is in the process of getting certified). It is working on size inclusivity with some designs available up to UK size 32. Materials used include organic cotton, recycled polyester and Seacell.

View our full Company Profile for Lucy & Yak.


Man wearing red t-shirt with logo 'get rich or try sharing'

Ethical score: 13.5

Clothing type: T-shirts, hoodies and sweatshirts for adults.

Why shop here: The Hemp Trading Company (THTC) has been making ethical clothes primarily from hemp since 1999. It uses plastic-free packaging, and its t-shirts can be sent back for the materials to be recovered and remade into something else. Its products are made from at least 50% organic materials.

View our full Company Profile for THTC.

8. Kuyichi

image: kuyichi sustainable ethical fashion brand  stripy jumper

Ethical score: 13.5

Clothing type: Full range of women’s and men’s clothing including jeans and t-shirts.

Why shop here: Kuyichi began in 2001 making organic denim clothing, and has expanded its range since then. The company focuses on making clothes that will last, from organic and recycled materials. All its cotton is certified organic. All suppliers and partners are named on its website which shows excellent transparency.

View our full Company Profile for Kuyichi.

9. Rapanui

Woman wearing t-shirt which says 'this t-shirt is rubbish' and she is holding recycled fibres in hands

Ethical score: 13

Clothing type: T-shirts, hoodies, socks and underwear for women and men.

Why shop here: Rapanui is focused on the circular economy: its clothes can be sent back to be remade into something else, using its ‘remill’ service. Its UK factory is powered by renewable energy and items are sent in non-plastic packaging. Its clothing is made from GOTS certified organic or recycled cotton, with some bamboo products (mainly socks).

View our full Company Profile for Rapanui.

10. Birdsong

Woman wearing sweatshirt

Ethical score: 13

Clothing type: Dresses, t-shirts, knitwear, shoes and accessories for women.

Why shop here: Birdsong is a social enterprise and a living wage employer, and uses 100% natural or reclaimed fibres, including 100% organic cotton which is sourced from India. It turns scrap fabric into bags and scrunchies. It received our best rating for its cotton sourcing policy and says that all of its t-shirts and sweatshirts are made from organic cotton.

View our full Company Profile for Birdsong.

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