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Lush Ditch Plastic

Lush launch first 'Naked' store in a bid to ditch plastic packaging 

Lush’s first UK naked store

In January, Lush opened its first ‘Naked’ store in the UK, which has no plastic packaging at all. Products include solid shampoo, conditioner, shower gel and moisturiser bars. The new store is at 10 Market Street in Manchester. 

Inspired by the perpetual public concern over plastic pollution, the cosmetics brand first opened ‘Naked’ stores in Milan and Berlin in 2018.

Customers will be able to scan products on their smartphones directly from the shelves using an app called ‘Lush Lens’.

This will allow them to take a closer look at the ingredient information without the need for plastic labelling on the back of cosmetic items.

Send your bottle tops to Lush

Local councils often don’t collect and recycle plastic milk bottle tops, drinks bottle tops, cosmetics bottle tops and household cleaning bottle tops. They often end up in landfill and are the most common everyday items that turn up on beaches.

But Lush do recycle them. Hand them in at your nearest shops or send (max weight 2kg) to Freepost Lush Green Hub. They recycle them into their black plastic pots which can also be returned to Lush for recycling back into more black plastic pots.

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