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World Animal Day

We celebrate our top 5 cruelty-free beauty brands this World Animal Day

It’s World Animal Day, a day to raise the status of animals in order to improve welfare standards around the globe.

Although much progress has been made internationally since the EU animal testing ban was implemented back in 2004, testing for cosmetic products is still an urgent consumer issue with The Humane Society International claiming that up, worldwide, to 500,000 animals every year are still subjected to product testing.

Image: Cruelty free brands infographic

So this year, you can be part of the solution rather than the problem by putting some ethical alternatives on to your shopping list, many of which can be found coexisting with the more established products at your local supermarket or healthcare store.

All these brands receive our best rating for their animal testing policy because they are made by cruelty-free companies.

The top 5 cruelty-free beauty products from our shopping guides: 



Ranked as our Best Buy brand across the board in our beauty guides, Odylique’s shampoo is organic and palm oil free, like all its products.

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The Green People

With the added perk of being another product off our Best Buy range, this mineral and plant extract deodorant is 100% vegan certified.

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Faith in Nature

Also featuring in our Best Buy range, Faith in Nature is a sustainable and ecological cosmetics and toiletries expert with over 40 years of expertise.

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Shower Gel

Neal's Yard

Available in a vast range of essential, natural oils and fragrances including (but not limited to) Lavender, Rosemary.

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Another star of the Best Buy range, all Kingfisher products are vegan.

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