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Recycle your old appliances

Don't let your perfectly working home appliance become useless landfill. If it still works, why not give your old machine a new home rather than scrapping it? We share some recycling schemes and websites where you can donate your old appliances. 

If you don’t know anyone who wants it, contact your local community recycling scheme such as a Freecycle group. Most UK Freecycle groups now operate under

The Re-use Network supports 150 re-use charities helping them to reach vulnerable people in crisis whilst reducing waste at the same time through the act of reuse.

Or you could sell it, or give it to a charity shop but check that they take appliances and electrical items.

If you want to get a second hand appliance, you can also use the sites above or these ones:

Image: used microwave

What to do with your old appliances

At the end of their useful life, domestic appliances or indeed any other Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) must be recycled rather than being put in the household rubbish bin and sent to a landfill site. This is an EU law that came into force in 2007.

All retailers, whether they sell direct or by internet, mail order or telephone, must help customers recycle white goods and home appliances by either paying towards recycling facilities at a council site or by offering a free, instore takeback service.

Usually the free instore disposal is only if you are buying a new, equivalent appliance. But Currys PC World will recycle for free any electricals or electronics you no longer want, without buying anything new, and whether you bought them from Currys or someone else. Just take them into your local store.

Often shops will collect your unwanted electrical item when they deliver a new one but many of them charge for this service (£15 – £25).

Your council may offer a household recycling collection. This may be free or there may be a charge. If not, go to your local recycling centre. You can find your nearest one on

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